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wolfridge 09-03-2013 06:47 PM

Trip Suggestion Request
Question for the gallery:

I'm looking for a trip suggestion for maybe next spring for the tropics. Bones, small Tarpon, maybe a shot at a Permit. I have experience sight casting for Bones. My limitations are that I'll probably be travelling myself so that ups my cost. I'm not guide adverse and probably would like to fish from a boat, or not. I'm looking for a week at maybe $2000 (not including my airfare to major city of wherever). So, where looks good and what months are best? Open to suggestions.

flatsfisher 09-04-2013 08:08 AM

At that price range you're probably looking at more of a DIY trip with a day or two of guided thrown in. Tough to have to go solo. I've been in the same boat.

Vince 09-04-2013 06:39 PM

Check out the thread in this forum on Inagua outback lodge.
Might be just what you are looking for.

The thread is titled new Bahamas DIY lodge.

wolfridge 09-07-2013 06:55 PM

Thanks Vince, I have read the link about the Inagua lodge. Yeah the fishing there sounds great but have some reservations about being there alone, as self sufficient as I am. My major concern is that I'll be burning most of my week figuring things out and just have it knocked about the day before I have to leave. I've been a lot of places and the first trip turns out to be a "learning experience" for the next time, which most times doesn't happen. So, is there someone there I can get pointers from every day? Do I have to brush up on my orienteering so I don't get lost with provided map and my compass? I suppose if I look at it as an exploratory trip with the intention of going back if I think it's worth it then it might not be too bad. Who do I contact with questions?

Vince 09-08-2013 02:09 PM

Certainly with DIY trips there is a learning curve. However we do provide you with some great Intel and maps for the island. Also, Henry Hugh the owner of the lodge can assist you and point you in the right direction. And you get one guided day on the interior Lake included too. This is done via truck so you'll be with a native guide who can show you many good tarpon spots.

You can call me with any questions you might have. 716-479-2327

tedjp7 09-09-2013 04:29 PM

trip suggestions
You could try Ascension Bay in Punta Allen Mexico
Try contacting Mike at Casa De Ascension. I've used him a couple of times and he has good guides, good accomodations and great food at very reasonable rates. Here is a URL to his site

I'm pretty sure you can still get a full week of guided fishing, all inclusive that will fit into your budget and that includes pickup and delivery from Cancun airport.

pinky 09-18-2013 01:40 PM

Assisted DIY bonefishing.
Check out Long Island Bonefishing Lodge

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