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Trifecta 07-27-2013 03:39 AM

Clear Tropical Lines.
Hi Folks.

Off to the Bahamas later this year, Grand Bahama and Eleuthera. Been there a couple of times in the past and had varying success on the Bonefish.

Just wondering if anyone has used the Monic Tropical Clear fly lines and any tips that you had. Though I do my utmost not to spook the fish there are always going to be days when the fish are very wary, in particular in Eleuthera from previous experience and want to limit even more spooked fish.

Even though as I said I do all I can to use stealth both on approach and delivery of the fly I still manage to spook several fish, OK, my casting at times looks as though I'm drunk and occasionally my approach means me falling on my backside but was just wondering if these clear lines are really worth the trouble.

I've read several reviews and for many tournament anglers they seem to be the way to go (by the way, I'm no where near as good as tournament anglers :(

Any help and advice would be appreciated.

JR SPEY 07-27-2013 09:02 AM

Clear lines
I've used Monic's clear fly lines in the Bahamas, the Keys, and elsewhere since they first came out. I love them. For one thing, you can get by with shorter leaders which can make casting in the wind a lot easier. The biggest problem you'll likely encounter if you're fishing from a boat with a guide is your guide complaining he can't find your fly in the water because he can't see the line. The truth is that seeing the line in the water is easier from the front casting platform than from the poling platform due to the angle to the water. You also have three different line profiles to choose from with Monic. For years I used the original Tropical Saltwater and loved it. Then they came out with the Tropical Phantom with a slightly different profile and with a high visibility color added to the line after about 15' so that the line is easier for you and the guide to find in the water. Recently they came out with their FST (Fish Specific Taper) which has a special Bonefish taper that improves presentation with a more gradual profile. I use both the FST Bonefish and the Tropical Phantom for bones. I also bring another line (these days usually a Monic Backcountry-which is a pale blue) that I use if the guide gets touchy about the clear lines. The one criticism of of the Monic lines that I've heard is that they aren't real durable. That's probably true, but if you can afford to bonefish enough to wear one out quickly you can afford to replace the line periodically.

Trifecta 07-27-2013 10:20 AM

Hi Spey.

Great reply, very informative, many thanks.

Never having used this line before I wanted some expert opinion and that's exactly what you have done. Been bought up on all the usual tropical lines and though fairly adept at casting and stalking just want to get the odds in my favour a little more, particularly when some of the bigger savvy Bones are about that have seen every conceivable line, leader and fly combination thrown at them.

The point about being able to use shorter leaders is an excellent idea as we all know the weather (wind) at times can play a huge part in presentation and the shortest possible (viable) leader will hopefully pay dividends.

Thanks once again for the reply.

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