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salmonthink 06-28-2013 11:39 AM

ASF Rivernotes Blog to June 28 - and C&R in New Brunswick
Rivernotes - Encouraging But Early Returns
Many rivers are showing encouraging returns of Atlantic salmon, and anglers have been seeing some success. Read more in RIVERNOTES

ASF Research has updated their Field Notes. Check it out.

NB Salmon Council Calls for Catch and Release

John Bagnall of NBSC talks about the need for anglers to practice catch and release, especially in the aftermath of Greenland's decision to return to a commercial harvest.

Gutting of Federal Fisheries Act Remains in Limbo
An organization on the West Coast has developed a campaign to draw attention to the impact on Fish Habitat of changes in the Fisheries Act. ASF has long been concerned about the issue.

The Future of Aquaculture
Lewis Hinks, the Nova Scotia Director of Programs for ASF, discusses the problems of aquaculture and future potential of land-based operations in an internet mp3 interview.

ASF's Fall Event Calendar

Remember to keep track of ASF's fall event calendar. This can be reached from the website front page via the "Events" button on the right. Check dates, places, and before long there will be more details posted.

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