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Bob Pink 10-21-2001 04:17 PM

Chatham / Nauset 10-21
Missed connections with Roop on Sat nite so I ended up solo on the boat this am in Chatham. Found Jeff with the yak ready to delve into the mysteries of ***** after hitting some nice fish from the shore side of the bowl. I was trying to drift through the channels dredging the deep eel (what else!) but couldn' get the right presentation. (BTW, I'd expect to see some radical topography changes there next year. The edge to the south has gotten very shallow)
Still hitless I worked out through the cut and south at daybreak only to find school BFT breaking at the edge of Nauset but very spread out. Decided not to blow up the 9wt trying to target one. Diverted to S.Beach with bluefish willing to hit and/or remove any sandeel imitation they saw. Dredging the d-e under them found only dogfish.
Finally found some mid 20" bass along the parallel bars off Nauset, some nice solid hits when I got the d-e on the bottom. If you went out to the 30' line, it went back to all bluefish. Last bass snapped a brand new Redington 9wt midway through the second section.
Water temps still in the 50's, might be time still for Chatham.

Roop 10-21-2001 04:54 PM

Bob - sorry we didn't connect until this AM @ 3:30.

I was lucky enough this AM before launching the ramp got to see my backing a few times!! Want to know how to clean the rust off an old favorite fly?? Plant it the lips of a few 40" fish and some fiesty schoolies!!

Left Jim W out at Nauset as my alarm sounded the end of my saltwater season this AM at 9:00, had to take off before I turned into a pumpkin ( an unwed pumpkin!!) Hope you found the fish Jim _ I love that area I left you at.

Stripping off lines & starting maintenace on the reels & spools this week. Still time for trout!

striblue 10-21-2001 04:58 PM

Bob, did you break another Rod or was that the time before?

juro 10-21-2001 05:09 PM

Fess up Bob - we know you cast a big bunker pattern to lead that busting pod of BFT and it toasted the 9wt, can't fool us with this last bass 'fish story'! }> ;-)

OK Roop, I'll bite - what was the ol' favorite fly... prince of tides maybe?

Bob Pink 10-21-2001 07:10 PM

john, brand new Redington 5pc 9wt (second time used). Maybe I'm getting too agressive with how I'm handling the fish when they get close to the boat, only breaking rods when I'm on the boat, never from shore...?!?

juro, I confess I did toss a nice 8" long buffy ( or a close as I can tie a buffy ) that I made up the night b4 in the general direction of those breaking fish. Probably would have been a better bet to try a floating sandeel imitation. New project for this winter, a nice sandeel pattern that will stay high in the water column but handle a tiemco 6/0 hook ;)

Roop 10-22-2001 06:13 AM

Nothing special, just the Henry Ford version of the Deep Eel,
"any color is effective as long it's black".

JimW 10-22-2001 08:50 AM

Roop, I got the one with a single stripe. Yes, the skunk. Soon after you left the wind picked up and a bit of a chop formed. I stayed another hour then decided it best to make my way back since I was operating on little sleep. I wish I had more sleep and time to work that spot, definately could have given it a better effort.

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