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ron 04-21-2001 02:07 PM

Early Bird Special
I just wish to express my thanx to both Ray and Art for organizing the clave. They were perfect hosts letting the rest of us catch the fish. The day couldn't have been better. Thanx again. Ron

grego 04-21-2001 02:33 PM

Whoops, I thought I'd be the first one back, But I got beatten to the punch.

First some help with Fish ID. We caught these fish that are kind of Silvery on the sides, dark green on the top, horizontal lines on the sides, & no teeth. I vaguely remember catching some of these, but I can't remember what they're called?

Many Thanks to Ray & Art for putting this outing together & putting many of us onto fish. I think the head count got up to around 14!

Colt State Park is a great spot; it's pretty & seems quite fishey. However, the complete lack of bait indicated that we would not catch, but we tried in earnest anyway. Next stop, all you can eat breakfast, yum. Then off the the Seakonk River (I think?), check with Ray or Art for exactly where we where. All I know is that it was I nice wadable Flat/Oyster bed. The last hour of the drop from about 12:30-1:300, the bite turned on. Unfortunately, this was about 10 minutes After Roop had to leave [Jeff, just think of it as any early wipe-off of bad Karma for the rest of the season!]. Ron had the first fish of the day, but Nick Svencer pulled an "Estey" & out-fished us all. I had three hookups & landed one nice Schoolie. Ray had landed a few when I left. I didn't see Art hookup, but he was at the other end of the "Conga-Line". Nate was Snake Bitten & our Maine Brothers (after a 250 mile drive) were still trying to shake the skunk off when I left. Every boat that came thru saw 14 guys fishing one spot & thought we MUST know something that they don't!

Olive with some Angle-hair seem to be working the best. 3" Mummie-Chogs were the natural bait & the fish were just a bit up off the bottom. Had to get just the right strip to avoid hanging up on the oyster bed!

Great to feal the pull on the line again! Thanks Again, Ray & Art!!!!!!!

Joke of the day: What does a policeman say when he arrests a Mime? You have the right to remain Silent!

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