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salmonthink 05-30-2013 12:35 PM

Rivernotes Update and other news from ASF - May 30, 2013
Salmon Begin Returning to Rivers - RIVERNOTES BLOG
The past week has seen more reports of Atlantic salmon returning to river - and very high water. ASF RIVERNOTES also gives links to salmon angling booklets and regulation sites.

ASF's Research team provides another update on their tracking work in northern New Brunswick and Quebec.

New Suspected ISA Outbreak in Newfoundland
A suspected NEW case of Infectious Salmon Anemia affecting an open net pen salmon farm on Newfoundland's south coast was reported in the media on Wed., May 29. It may place at risk wild Atlantic salmon passing near the source of the epidemic. The link below is to the tv coverage - and the ISA is the first story on the news broadcast.

A Call for Transparency in Government on Aquaculture Problems
A detailed account of how problems with open net pen salmon farms are kept from public scrutiny in Newfoundland is documented in an opinion piece.

GM Atlantic Salmon Raise Ecological Concerns
Research results published this week raise concerns on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean about interbreeding of GM salmon with trout species. Read more:

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