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ssully 05-23-2000 12:52 PM

Monomoy Links
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juro 05-23-2000 08:23 PM

RE:Monomoy Links
Thanks Sully! I'm working out some details, will post schedule soon...

Here is a tentative agenda proposal:


- Camping / commencement at Nickerson Group Site


- Early shuttle - 5am? 6am? (start of dropping tide to low)
- Sat arrivals shuttle as needed (need arrival times!)
- Early afternoon pow-wow at camp w/ special mystery guest for
a casting clinic
- Group dinner held by the FABULOUS ESTEY BROS!!!
- Night fishing on Outer Beaches (optional)


- Daybreak breakfast
- Early shuttle - 5am? 6am?
- Sunday arrivals shuttle as needed (arrival times?)
- Closing ceremony just after turn of tide(?)

Thoughts welcome...

JohnM 05-23-2000 08:53 PM

RE:Monomoy Links

Looks great.........I plan on being on the first shuttle over with the campers so 5am or 6am works for me. It is about a 75 minute drive for me.......Please let me know if you need help with any of the details......

Thanks for the coordination....

JimW 05-24-2000 07:52 PM

RE:Monomoy Links
It all sounds great especially the casting clinic. I volunteer to demonstrate to the tailing loop, I've really got that one down. I manage to tangle that leader every time I try to get any distance, consistenly too.

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