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ssully 08-17-2000 10:45 PM

Jones'n for bones
OK so there are Rip-Trips galore which sound like a blast but due to work constraints [GGRRRRRR]I can't commit to.

However the good comes with the bad and have had quite a few job offers pouring in so time off may not be a problem in the not to distant future. So...

Reports of tunoids abound and I'm starting to get the shakes. BONECLAVE 2000!!! Is it gonna happen or what?

ssully 08-17-2000 10:49 PM

RE:Jones'n for bones

Please send me your current email. ASAP!

i'm so outta here 08-18-2000 07:15 AM

RE:Jones'n for bones
Once again, I volunteer my skills as a DB/Web developer for the signups. I would like to generalize the signups this time and reuse for other events. My work is interested in hosting this and all future clave signups in exchange for some user feedback on network responsiveness and possibly on several Web projects we have on the stove. We will be upgrading to a full (or near full) T-1 in the next few weeks.

As to the nitty gritty of Boneclave 2000, I think the greatest obstacle we face is deciding on a location. Let's face it, any location we choose will be compared to Wahsburn island and come up a tad short, imho. It's like your first kiss. It's never as good as the first time..... on the other hand, you tend to get better at it the second time.

RI was the last viable proposed location. Are we still liking that?

juro 08-18-2000 10:24 AM

RE:Jones'n for bones
I think RI is the highest candidate at this time. The location will be Watch Hill Reef and Fisher's Island by boat; breachways by foot. Camping is an option (Rhodyfest) as are the plentiful affordable hotels.

Launch facilities are available in Stonington CT, Watch Hill, and probably a few other spots.

We should have Art Burton be our resident advisor.

What the heck, if we don't act we'll never get anything done. Let's go for it!


ssully 08-18-2000 12:27 PM

RE:Jones'n for bones
I checked the Reserve America and Washburn site 11 (the big one) is open Sept 10th - 12th (Sun-Tues) same as last year. I tried to reserve it on line last night but it didn't go through.


Lefty 08-20-2000 08:17 AM

RE:Jones'n for bones
I'm baaaack! We need boaters to get us out there where the bones and albies are. What location will lend itself best to that. Will the cape guys trailor to Rhody? Are we shorebound Bone Chasers?


artb 08-21-2000 05:15 AM

RE:Jones'n for bones
I have not been fishing much, have been busy with the new old home. I have been looking for a reliable report of F/A's around. There hasn't been many so far this year, I expect that to change within the next two weeks. Last week I was down to the Quonochotaug, the breahway was loaded with peanut bunker which had fluke and shad chasing them. I did not see any funny fish.
Let me know when you are going to have a Conclave, I will help. I am hoping my son's boat will be available at least one of the days. He works weekends so it is hard.

timwatts 08-21-2000 05:56 AM

RE:Jones'n for bones
The dates Sully mentioned would work for me. Can fish three on my boat.

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