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Lefty 05-22-2000 08:46 AM

Ye olde Epoxy Sand Eel
After looking at a dead sandeel with Bob Pink last week, I became determined to tie one that looked just like it. I figured it would be a productive change from the array of multicolored psychedelic Clouser types we've been flicking. Then, looking in my flybox I notice some old epoxy sand eels. Wow, much better! What happened? Has this pattern fallen out of fashion? They used to be second only to the White Deceiver in SWFF. I haven't seen anyone tie one on in 2 seasons. Hmmmmm


juro 05-22-2000 10:19 AM

RE:Ye olde Epoxy Sand Eel
Terry -

I'm still big on the hardbody style sandeels. In shallow estuaries when the fish aren't digging for the eels, or anytime the eels are up out of the sand I prefer that to any weighted pattern. I've converted over from epoxy to softex over ez-body for non-yellowing and durability (as well as ability to embed certain materials against the mesh.

I use the 911s Tiemco to get the longer body shape. This is a spinoff from a coho salmon candlefish pattern, a shorter hook shank would work fine for stripers but those ocean feeding salmon needed a little offset to the rear to hook consistently.

Anyway, I'll post mine.

Nathan Smith 05-22-2000 12:45 PM

RE:Ye olde Epoxy Sand Eel
I still use them alot to. But I think the clouser is better. Clousers Jig up and down wich is a great action, as well as the fact that the get down better.

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