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grego 05-31-2000 08:55 AM

Tarpon Line?
A guy in work is going Tarpon fishing in FLA. He asked me what line he should get for a 9wt. I had to tell him "I have no Idea, but I'll bet I can find out." So, what type of line does one use for inshore Tarpon fishing? Thanks in advance. GregO.

Roop 05-31-2000 09:41 AM

RE:Tarpon Line?
Based on my limited Keys experience, make sure it's a tropic line that can handle the heat. It may be best to buy the line down there and have a local shop set it up.

I've had tarpon on my 9 weight. It was a blast but I didn't come anywhere near landing them. If your buddy is using a guide and doesn't have any heavier rods of his own that he just has to use then I would rely on the guides equipment. That way you know it's going to be in perfect (or as near as possible) condition. My guide had all Scott rods and they were a pleasure to use.


Nathan Smith 05-31-2000 10:25 AM

RE:Tarpon Line?
One line I like alot is the Cortland 444 Tropical Plus Ghost tip. It has a 10ft clear Int tip that makes the presentation better. The head and running line are braid mono so the stay stiff in the heat. It is a good line. Sci Anglers Master series Tarpon are niece too. They make a clear one, but I don't know how stiff it stays. Clear lines are nice. It is like striper fishing on the flats. Also Inter. lines are good alot of people think of just floating lines but often you will be fishing in 4-8+ feet of water. Int lines place the fly better.

bigcat988 05-31-2000 10:43 AM

RE:Tarpon Line?
If your friend is using a Guide, he should use the Guides equipment. All the lines and knots will be properly tied, he will also know the proper flies to use in the area your fishing.
Being a Veteran Tarpon fishermen the line I use 90% of the time on my 12 wt. Is S/A WF-F Tarpon taper. He may also need a WF Intermediate if there is a lot of weed. The line I would recomend is a Cortland 444SL salt water intermediate for the second line he can use the Cortland for Striper fishing.

PS: If he is fishing for Tarpon on a 9 wt, He is after Babies, most of the Guides are using 12 Wt's.
Please have him e-mail me if I can be of any help.

juro 05-31-2000 07:35 PM

RE:Tarpon Line?
Great feedback from those with spool burns on their palms! Grego - I have an intermediate Airflo sample but is it the coldwater line, and not a tarpon taper. Hardly the ideal line but if he'd like to try it down there you're welcome to offer.

The ghost tip sounds good mechanically speaking but Nate - does the braid cause excess friction on the fingers when the fish rips line?

Eddie 06-01-2000 01:05 AM

RE:Tarpon Line?
The SA. #9 Bone fish taper is a great bone fish line. I think your buddy should use the guides rig for tarpon(have you heard this befor?) and use the #9 for any of the smaller flats fish.
The clear sink tips are all the rage, but are difficult to pick up quickly, so the first one has to count."...till you see the whites of their eyes..".
I will be heading down to the Keys in two weeks. I've been practicing like I'm on my way to Carnagie Hall( not for the spelling bee). Eddie

juro 06-01-2000 08:13 PM

RE:Tarpon Line?
Very cool Eddie - take lots of pictures and we look forward to reading "Eddie does Margaritaville". I've done it twice and sometimes I still see the mangroves and sugar sands, the key lime pie, tequila, yellowtail snapper, conch chowder... and oh yeah the AWESOME fishing!

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