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Hawkeye 06-25-2000 08:17 PM

The Race and South Beach
I got my fishing fix in friday night at Race Point. I fished from 9pm to 6am with minimal success on the striper front. Those I did get took a variety of sand eel patterns and were all about 20". The night was quite interesting however due to some unusual catches. I must have landed about 15 skates and five crabs - why didn't the stripers find my offerings so tasty. For those of you who have not fought a skate it is like brining in a boot that has a magnetic like attraction to sand.

Question: why do crabs keep holding onto the darn fly after they discover it's not real food? What a mess they can cause while you are trying to get them off your line!

Sunday I met Mike at the Chatham light at 4am. Mike was into fish right away with his first keeper (30") on the fly with his second or third cast. When the action slowed at the light we started sweeping the outer part of south beach getting one or two here and there. The seals were around but not nearly as bad as the last clave. At about half way down the tide we switched over to the flats which started out slow but soon started really cookin! I found a great place to stand and feel confident the fish would show up - it was near a sunken log and the fish would see it while they were cruising and detour to rub off some sea lice. It was like a fish drive through. As the tide dropped about 200 fish were caught in a large pool and Mike and I were alone catching fish after fish from 23" to 29". The fish had rubed their mouths raw on the sand eating sand eels I guess and they all had red lips - is that the fashion now? A sparse olive white and a touch of chartreuse sand eel pattern was the magic ticket for this E ride.

Mike made the long walk back at about 1:30 and I stayed for more punishment. The action slowed considerably but as the tide rose there were many fish poking their noses up on the newly covered flats. The wind made it almost imposible to see them until they were spooked but I still managed a couple.

Question: I flushed a monster of a fish - I mean monster, it was bigger than me - in the weedy area of the south beach flats. It was dark brown with a lot of tan markings in no perceiveable design. So what was it I saw?

A couple of the guys who had fished Monomoy earlier said it was essentially dead.

What a day! I can't wait to do it again.

juro 06-25-2000 08:35 PM

RE:The Race and South Beach
Wow, sounds like a great 'fix'. Monomoy was definitely dead, no wonder... you had all the fish up inside. Actually we saw lots of fish but they weren't on any kind of bite. I got one decent fish and lost flies to blues off south beach, North Monomoy was pretty slow in the am.

My guess on the giant fish you flushed is... SEAL! We have had them circle and swim very close over the last several visits to the area. Now if it was a bass....

Thanks for the update, wish I was there!

Hawkeye 06-26-2000 07:24 AM

RE:The Race and South Beach
Nope not a seal Juro. It had a definite fish shape and the tail moved in horizontal motions. When I spooked it it had been sitting in the sandy mud on the bottom well consealed amid the sandy mud and weeds.

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