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broche 06-07-2000 09:29 PM

The Point
Hello all; I spent two weeks in May fly casting in the Cape Ann vicinity (I was inbetween jobs). I enjoyed my share of success and now am experiencing some withdrawals. Trout fishing for stocked browns in NJ just doesn't compare. It was a pleasure meeting Terry W. at the point, Plum Island. I will keep my eyes peeled for the bonito posting! Have a great summer everyone!

juro 06-08-2000 06:29 AM

RE:The Point
Welcome! Glad you could make it.

Terry's a great guy. He makes a killer homemade clave salsa too.

If you're a PI regular, we should plan impromptu get togethers up there. I usually shoot up there when I don't have enough time to get down the cape. There were a good number of fish there when I shot up there once this week. Guy to my right got a 40" on clams.

I am looking forward to BONECLAVE II as well!

JohnM 06-08-2000 07:20 AM

RE:The Point

Welcome to the Forum ! Say, do you live in NJ right now ? I lived there for 6 years but live in Mass presently.......I used to get discouraged with the fishing in NJ and spent 90% of my time on the Delaware and Beaverkill watersheds......

Welcome again !

Lefty 06-08-2000 08:12 AM

RE:The Point
Hi Bill,

Glad you found us! That was a nice chat we had streamside. I hope you can make the "Boneclave 2000". Give us a shout if you ever come up this way again.

I told Bill about the strong Web community we have here in the northeast and Bill showed me a great loop knot. Bill shares our enviromental concerns as well.


broche 06-08-2000 07:06 PM

RE:The Point
Hello Juro;
I will let you know when I plan on heading up again. If I do go up, it will probably be on a weekend (unfortunately).

Hello John;
I am currently living in NJ. My wife is doing her doctorate at Rutgers. I was born and raised in Merrimac, MA, and I'm beginning to lose my mind down here. I will focus on Delaware River Smallmouths this summer with my relatively new six weight. There are streams nearby that are stocked with brown trout (Black River, Hacklebarney State Park), and there is a beautiful stream near Old Wick, NJ that nurtures a native population of Brook Trout. The stream is not stocked for preservation purposes, and unfishable due to private property. I checked it out and saw "Brookies" scrambling amongst the boulders to hide. It is the only stream I've encountered down here that reminds me of the NH streams I would fish as a boy. I am truly elated over this situation - "hands off" policy on a fairy tale like piece of water harboring native fish. . . and for anglers. . . stocked browns (a more tolerant species) in less pristine waters. For me, it is so comforting to know that the native fish are there, evolving naturally. Remember: Fish barbless, carry pliors and be conservation minded in everything you do - set the example.

dave 06-09-2000 07:42 AM

RE:The Point

Don't let the NJ fishing get you down. I grew up a short distance away from where you are, but in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania has some fantastic fishing for native trout and smallmouth that is within easy day trip distance of where you are living. Email me if you'd like some details at

Dave Wirth

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