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juro 03-25-2000 05:55 PM

Priming the pump...
Dunno about you but I'm starting to think about the wave of stripers heading our way!

I'll let the clip say it for me...

<center><!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">Sunset in the surf</a><!--url-->
<font size="1">(Takes a while via modems)</font><!--1--></center>

grego 03-25-2000 09:53 PM

RE:Priming the pump...
Fast as can be! Sound too!

Where was that video taken?

Sitting here with Al, (after a long week on the road) having a beer or two. I just tied my first Deciever, Easy Shape Sand Eel, & Bunny fly. I would scan them in, but my old scanner driver is not compatible with my new NT system!

RI on the April 15th weekend is an almost definate, but we are now thinking day trip instead of over-nighter. Who's in?

GregO, et. Al (D)

juro 03-25-2000 10:28 PM

RE:Priming the pump...
That clip was taken from East Beach on the Rhody coast (coincidence?)

I'm gonna try my best to make that opener with you guys. No guarantees though, could be that I've used up my brownie points for the early season by then... with the trip to the northwest and all.

It'll be the best place to start in April though, and we already know it's a great place to end the season in November too. Keep me on the "possibles" list.

Lefty 03-26-2000 07:41 AM

RE:Priming the pump...
Did I read that right? Grego taking the tying plunge?
Awesome! Another in the class of 2000. This year is gonna be remembered as the year of the new tyers. Get a vise yet? I got a good place to buy a starter vise for &lt; 20 bucks, and the hooks never slip. Good luck. Let's see them scans.
I could try and make that trip to Rhody too. I'll let you know.


Bob Pink 03-26-2000 08:28 AM

RE:Priming the pump...
Rigged up the 8wt with a hookless fly to get some casting practice in this morning at a small pond nearby. Altougth I was depressed at how poorly my efforts were being displayed in technique, it was quite a suprise to have a few smallmouth grab the hookless offering and give it a hard shake.
Yeah, they can't get back here fast enough!

ps: Juro, nice touches with the board 'trimmings'

grego 03-26-2000 08:48 AM

RE:Priming the pump...

Al brought his vice, material & other equipment. He gave me a crash course. My Deciever (the first one) came out pretty good. The easy Shape Sand Eel, not so great. The bunny was surprisingly easy; even with Al's extra step of tying in a mono loop to prevent tangling. My whip fishing technique is pretty crude. At least I now know some of the Lingo (palmering, etc.).

Bob P.

I've been reading and practicing using George Robert's Pamphlet "The Essentials of Distance Fly Casting". My distance has definately improved, but my consistance still needs work!


grego 03-26-2000 09:44 AM

RE:Priming the pump...
For more priming of the pump, check out my new web page (Al helped get me set up!)

NAME THAT CLAVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

juro 03-26-2000 09:55 AM

RE:Priming the pump...
Waves are too small for outer limits... Napatree on the inside? (RHODY!)

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example: <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank"> GregO's WAY COOL SITE </a><!--url-->

bigcat988 03-26-2000 01:13 PM

RE:Priming the pump...
After a few hours of trout fishing, it was such a great morning I stoped by the house grabed the salt water outfit and headed over to the Agawam River. I did not get any hits but it felt good to have the 8wt back in my hands for some casting practice after the winter layoff

grego 03-26-2000 04:10 PM

RE:Priming the pump...

Thanks for the link!

As far as name that clave goes ... Is that your final answer, because you are incorrect!

grego 03-26-2000 04:11 PM

RE:Priming the pump...

Thanks for the link!

As far as name that clave goes ... Is that your final answer, because you are incorrect!

juro 03-26-2000 09:18 PM

RE:Priming the pump...
cAn i cAll sOmEoNe??? Hmmm.... Outer limits at a calm moment in the surf (dawn?)

grego 03-26-2000 10:15 PM

RE:Priming the pump...
Ballston at sunrise is correct! But you only have two lifelines left.

Roop 03-27-2000 11:13 AM

RE:Priming the pump...

Picked up my new #8 Tioga & spare spool for the new 8 wt Diamondback backwater for the litte lady. What a sweet feeling & looking outfit! Now I just have to solve the line mystery, so many to choose from.

FYI - any Redington fans on the south shore, Smitty is taklking about carrying their reels. It would probably be worth your while to stop in & ask if you haven't taken the plunge yet.


juro 03-27-2000 05:16 PM

RE:Priming the pump...
RE: REdingtons... you really can't beat them for the money. Like all reels, time will tell how they hold up but knowing Jim Murphy (pres. Redington) they are not prone to sitting idle about their equipment and warranty programs so in a way you're buying into the company that stands behind the reel as well.

I am going to pick one of those 13/14 models in black (per Jay C) to use as a Spey reel - what a bargain!

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