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Hawkeye 07-03-2000 11:20 AM

South Beach Death March
Mike and I will be doing the South Beach death march at about 2am tomorrow to hopefully do a repeat of our Saturday trip. Anybody out there up for the challenge and potential rewards?

Suggested flies based on our Saturday trip:
Dark colored clousers for low light time
Sparse white and olive sand eels as things lighten up
Tan crab flies
Poppers and sliders - also for low light time

If Saturday is any indication we should have the place to ourselves for 3 - 5 hours with the exception of a very healthy no-see-um population.

Lefty 07-06-2000 11:55 AM

RE:South Beach Death March
I always get confused about South Beach, Herring Pond, and Stage Island. Seems there are multiple instances of each on Cape. In this case South Beach. Isn't this the South Beach at Waquoit?


Hawkeye 07-06-2000 01:27 PM

RE:South Beach Death March
I think the one by Waquoit is called South Cape Beach. The South Beach I have been talking about is off of the Chatham Light and across from Monomoy I.

Lefty 07-06-2000 01:37 PM

RE:South Beach Death March
Isn't there a South Beach also on Monomoy? There is a South Beach on the Vineyard too.


juro 07-06-2000 06:36 PM

RE:South Beach Death March
Hey Ter -

This South Beach is the one that extends south from the lighthouse, curves around to shield North Monomoy from the open ocean. When people talk about Monomoy, they talk about one side or the other, one side being South Beach and the other being North Monomoy.

To the south is South Monomoy, an island that is seldom visited on foot. This is the target area of the South Tip Rip Trip. is the best visual representation.

I know what you mean about recycled names!

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