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doctorsteve 04-23-2013 12:45 PM

Great Inagua
I should've posted sooner, but I've been a bit busy. Went to GI with a group headed by Vince from Catt Creek Outfitters. This was hosted, so no guides were really involved. Vince has been there several times and has the island figured out pretty well. Basically, we drove to spots and fished flats that were accessible from shore. GI is an interesting island in that it has several interior salt water lakes that are occupied by schools of bones, barracudas and many baby tarpon. I say that it was not guided, but we did go to a lodge on the south shore one day and were taken around by the owner, Henry, but he didn't hold our hands and point out fish. He mainly transported us around to areas that he knew would hold fish. Although he could probably see the bones better than any of us. But anyways, that's not the important stuff. The fishing was good. The flats were easy wading, mostly hard bottom. Some spots were a bit mucky, but you knew where they were.
The fishing for tarpon wasn't easy, but it wasn't too hard either. We knew where to go and it was mostly blind casting. The interior lakes were really stained brown, so you couldn't sight fish most of the time for them. We caught babies from 5 to almost 20 lbs. Only 1 rod got broken. Really a lot of fun. These aren't the big 100lbers you think about with tarpon. They're the fun ones that jump a lot and you land in 5 minutes. A 15lb tarpon is a little tarpon, but that's still a big, strong fish.
The beach/flats fishing was really pretty good. I personally didn't get anything really large, but some big ones were caught. I had shots at a bunch of triggers. 3 of us had shots at one permit. The first guy made about 5 casts at it. Ignored. I made about 5 casts right on it's friggin head. Ignored. Vince had a bunch of casts. Ignored. Goddam permit....
We had some fun with Ladyfish.
I had a near encounter with a big shark. Maybe 8', was big enough to have it's dorsal fin out of the water and we were in waist deep. probably less than 80' away. I'm pretty sure I **** myself. He went away, probably due to the poopy water.:eek:
The accomodations were nice. Good comfy beds. Breakfast and dinners by the wonderful ladies. Lobster, lots of rice and beans, etc. If you've been to the Bahamas, it's that kind of comfort food. The Bronco we drove around in didn't like us, but we made it through the week.
This is a really crappy review of a great place. I've been writing this in between patients, and don't have steady train of thought at all. I would recommend this place without hesitation to any moderately experienced fly fisherman. Not a good place for a beginner, since it's hosted not guided. But if you've done this anywhere else, you should be fine. And it's not expensive. Contact Vince for pricing, since I probably shouldn't post that here.

Next trip----Belize live aboard.

Vince 04-27-2013 04:58 PM

a few shots of dr. steve:

Bob Croce, Steve's roomie

Vince 05-10-2013 09:30 AM

just received some new photos from my friend Jim Dowd, who was on Inagua with us. Jim's not on the net much, so I thought I'd share them for him.

Doc Steve with a poor man's tarpon

Joe D. with the real thing

Jim Dowd with a beauty

Joe D

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