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i'm so outta here 04-29-2000 06:57 AM

Scorton Creek all-nighter
Ok, so I admit it, I'm a night fishing freak.

I just got off the third shift working Scortons, Sesuit Harbor, and Shell Point.


Threw herring, pogey and silversides patterns (just learned the beach glass silverside).

I can't remember a time I was more in need of migratory fish...! Need coffee. Need sleep.
Send stripers.


juro 04-29-2000 07:35 AM

RE:Scorton Creek all-nighter
Al, I owe you thanks for helping me rationalize my ridiculously lazy spring of fishing Seriously, at least you are out there! It would take me a week just to get my SWFF gear together enough to go for stripers. Hmmm.... that reminds me, with Terry's clave coming I'd better get started!

grego 04-29-2000 08:26 AM

RE:Scorton Creek all-nighter
Ata Boy Al!

I knew you had it in you. It's 51 degrees & sunny here in Tewksbury. I'm going to try to get the boat ready to go today. It is possible that I'd be ready to trailer down to Bourne tomorrow, maybe even a test run out of Phinney's? Al get your yard work done today, maybe I could meet you at BK tomorrow?

i'm so outta here 04-29-2000 02:04 PM

RE:Scorton Creek all-nighter
Greg, sounds good. Figures the weatherman was wrong this time. I'll call after the mulch is spread....

Juro, sunrise over Scorton creek (and other water) is calling you!

grego 04-29-2000 09:12 PM

RE:Scorton Creek all-nighter
Well the decision has been made. Al & I are going to launch out of Bourne Marina tomorrow morning (probably 8:30-9:00) mainly just to run the boat & make sure everthing is OK before Terry's Clave. But, we can certianly squueze in a few hours of fishing. Also, I can leave the boat at my dad's in Pocasset so it'll be 2/3 of the way to Dennis. I talked to my dad on the phone & he said that he is not feeling well, so he passed on going out with us. The up-shot is that there's room for one more. Anyone going to be in the B-Bay area tomorrow morning? Juro?

juro 04-29-2000 09:31 PM

RE:Scorton Creek all-nighter
VERY tempting - but I can't pull it off. I really appreciate the offer and if I didn't have an important appointment I'd be there in a flash. I have a feeling there will be some new arrivals around, not many yet but there's gotta be a pack of bright stripers somewhere!

Good luck, I'll see you next weekend.

bigcat988 04-29-2000 09:35 PM

RE:Scorton Creek all-nighter
I was planing to fish that area tomorrow morning I will be fishing off Electric Ave I drive a red Dodge pick up.

Green waders blue hat wave as you go by I hit the Back and Pocasset Rivers today no luck but ran into a fellow that said he took fish in Buttermilk Bay.

Good Luck.

i'm so outta here 04-29-2000 11:22 PM

RE:Scorton Creek all-nighter
Just fished Electric Ave beach (my night fishing cravings are not yet sated). Saw many a maurading schoolie. Failed to catch one, but good to see signs of life. Lots of bait moving through the area.

I was too tired this morning to mention how much fun I had last night. The drive to Sesuit alone was an adventure. At Scortons I saw all manner of interesting critters in the water. Rock crabs, sand eels, huge silver sides (for this time of year) and far off, in the creek delta, there was a loon.

A loon's call is a wonderful sound to me. It lilts over the cold air like something elemental, born of loneliness and bald faced hope. Last night it kept me fixed in the spot I was in and kept my mind from visiting places I was not. The outgoing tide, me, and the loon. We three stared eternity in the face and tried hard not to blink.

I first learned of loon song in Ontario, in the far reaches of Lake Temagami. At the time, I thought only Canadian loons could bore such a straight path to my soul. But last night, I discovered Cape Cod loons do just as well. Thank God winter is over.


grego 04-30-2000 05:05 AM

RE:Scorton Creek all-nighter

I see from your posting time that you did not get to bed early. I on the other hand was up 45 minutes before the alarm clock, anticipation, I guess. I'll be on the road in 30 minutes. It's drizling here in Tewksbury, but the the weatherman assures a nice day, we'll see.


We'll swing by, 19' SeaPro, red Bo-Sox Cap.

BTW: My dad stopped & talked to two guys Fly fishing the back-side of the Poc. R. yesterday; was that you?

bigcat988 04-30-2000 05:25 AM

RE:Scorton Creek all-nighter

That was not me but I no the two guys if it was around 11ish?


i'm so outta here 04-30-2000 04:36 PM

RE:Scorton Creek all-nighter
Sure enough! The drought is over.

Greg and I hooked up almost immediately once we got in to the Narrows at Buttermilk. Fish were bright and shiny and about 12 inches on average. There were about eight others there - three flyers from shore, three spinners from shore, and two in another boat (one fly, one spin). We found that made a good combo in our boat. Greg has his first fish of the season AND first on the fly in one fell swoop. I have my first striper and can again sleep at night. Good thing. My wife was getting worried about me.

If you're planning on trying this spot, be forewarned. Once the property owners open their houses for the season, you can kiss the shore fishing good bye (unless you know one of them, in which case, can we be friends?


grego 04-30-2000 05:55 PM

RE:Scorton Creek all-nighter
You don't talk about jinxes (until they're over), cause it only makes it worse. But last season I never caught a fish from my own boat (spin or fly), but others did. I'm happy to report that that jinx is over. We picked up some embarassingly small bass. Although, the fly guy in the other boat landed a fish so small I thought he was live-linig bait. With these small fish the fly was more productive than lures, they're probably feeding on small silversides.

Al brings up a good point about shore access around there. There are No Parking signs all over the place and to get to the best spots you have to cut accross private property. And those property owners DO call the cops, but I've been kicked out of nicer places :->} .

Bigcat how did you make out on the floating dock?

For the sake of Terry's Clave I hope we get some warm weather this week & I hope the next migrating wave of Stripers have some size to them.

As far as waters temps go, my humminbird was showing 52 in the bay & 51 out near Hogs I. But I don't know exactly how accurate my unit is. I should add that I wanted to make a wide-open run with my boat to blow everything out (stablizer). We ran from MMA down past Hogs I. & then came back slower, we marked some fish on the edge of the canal at about the 3rd green can west of the Patriot state. There's a nice rip there where a 6' bar drops off to about 35'. On a west flowing tide you can anchor up on the bar & fish the edge; you're technically NOT fishing in the canal (as that is illegal). I mention this because the next time I fish will probably be in Dennis. So, if you have boat access to upper B-Bay that is where I would try next. This is a good early season spot for 20-25" liners. Good luck.

bigcat988 04-30-2000 07:18 PM

RE:Scorton Creek all-nighter

No luck on the dock I waded around there a bit the wind really kicked up.

I was talking to a guy that got 6 micros up the narrows early. I took a ride up there but it is not worth the hassle for me to many other spots to fish you just got to pick the right one?

Glad you got into them BTW nice boat see you on the water.


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