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MartyG 01-22-2013 04:54 PM

Eleuthera Report 1/13-1/20/2013
Good afternoon everyone.

Here's a short report regarding Eleuthera last week.

Temps were low 70's to 81 with strong (12-17 mph) easterlies finishing up with a northerly which brought in a squall.

Overall it was more of week of exploring rather than catching a lot of fish. The Atlantic side was blowing too hard for sight fishing and too tiresome to blind cast.

It wasn't all bad. Caught my largest so far at 23"-24" and estimated at 6.5 lbs in Savannah Sound and another near that size at Rock Sound the following day.

Tried the flats on the south side of the road that leads to Windermere Island. It looks very fishing with lots of sign and has a bottom similar to deep creek. Hooked many small baracuda there but no bones. And no sightings either. I'll keep trying it.

Deep Creek didn't produce for me either but I didn't have a chance to spend the right amount of time there. It was tough everywhere.

Overall caught runners, grunts and a large mutton snapper and even a 7 inch turbot (looks like a flounder) in the creek connecting Winding Bay with Half Sound. The bones I caught were large and it seemed like very few fish were around. It may have been colder temps but not sure.

I got a follow from a 3.5' baracuda at Savannah Sound with a refusal.

Maybe another trip in March or Arpil will bring more luck.

Another few months and the stripers will be back.


JLoop 01-23-2013 04:57 PM

Thanks for posting the report Marty.
I have a friend that's been on the island a couple of weeks and just sent me a report that reads much like yours.
I'm headed down in the morning for a couple of weeks and hoping the wind will subside at least a little bit. I've been looking at that southern portion of Savanna Sound on Google Earth and had it on my list of places to explore. I fished down there with a guide from a boat a few years ago where I caught "mudding" fish but not too much sight casting opportunities that day til we went across the fished the shoreline along Windermiere. I hope to check it out this trip and will report to you how that turns out.

John Pool

MartyG 01-24-2013 05:30 PM


Good luck to you. I hope the temps go up and the wind settles down.

FYI - the flies that I caught the big bones on were tan and white #4 clousers that I tied. I experimented with some darker and larger flies and had no problems.

I'm now a believer in presentation, presentation, presentation more than color or size.

BTW - the celeb named C Lo Green has been renting a house near Tippy's. He's had dinner there a few times, was at the fish fry and used the chef from Pascals. He might be filming a music video.


catspaw 01-28-2013 08:12 AM

I'm headed down Feb 2 for a couple of weeks, I'm staying in Double Bay. Don't catch them all.

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