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MartyG 11-24-2012 09:58 AM

South side of Savannah Sound
Back to Eleuthera mid January and I've been hearing that south of the bridge to Windemere Island (presumably still Savannah Sound) is pretty good fishing.

The owner of Pineapple Fields/Tippy's, Peter, said the best access is from the island side but it's hard to get access to the island.

Does anyone have advice on access on either side?



Henry 12-01-2012 09:48 AM

Hi Marty,
I've resisted posting a reply to your queire just waiting to see what other folks come up with. Around 2006/2007, my buddy and I were in the same boat as you. Being frequent visitors to the island and constantly looking for "out of the way" places to fish...the southern Savannah Sound area was on our list. Fortunately for us, one trip to L'utra while staying at the Duck Inn, we met a couple staying there whom had purchased property there and had plans to build a vacation home exactly where your interests are. The road to their property is private and protected by a chained entrance directly off the Queens Hwy. We received permission from them to use their private road and park on their property for a Bonefishy outing. (We paddled our Sea Eagle inflatable Kayak from there) Google Earth recently updated their images of some portions of Eleuthera and it seems as if our friends dreams have come to fruition. At the end of the most major south Savannah Sound access can see 3 or 4 homes including theirs.

The southern flats of Savannah Sound are expansive and varried in composition. Anything from hard bottomed white sand flats to marly "loon ****" sinky bottoms that'll suck your Simms bonesneakers and socks off in an instant.

If you're looking for more flats like the famous Savannah Sound Schoolhouse flats...there aren't any.

One option for you would be to rent a kayak and drop it in at the public boatramp by the Savannah Sound/Windemere Is. bridge. Paddle north or south dependant on tide and explore to your hearts content. Don't forget, there are plenty of "alternative" species available on such outings that can provide you with a fantastic meal at the end of the day. Work the mangroves for Snappers and Gag/
Black and/or Nassau Groupers that like to hang out there. Lots of large Blue Crabs around too on the grassy flats...1/2 a dozen per person makes for a wonderfull BBQ.


Vince 12-02-2012 06:29 AM

Henry is right on with his answer. The area is nice, but it's not as if it is rarely fished. Obviously not as heavily fished as the north end of Savannah, but guides fish there (Denny Rankin & sometimes Paul petty I believe). Denny lives right on the water in Savannah sound, so if he does a guided trip, that's where he goes. Also, anyone who owns or rents a house on Savannah sound can fish there also, plus the adventurous anglers like Henry (and myself).

If you get in there, go all the way to the mouth or opening where the sound meets the sea--very fishy points and I've seen some big jacks in there, also some nice grouper in the rocks too. As you leave the sound and head south along the beaches, we've caught some nice bones there too.

I have heard stories of occasional tarpon in there too-but never personally seen one there.

MartyG 12-03-2012 10:28 AM

Thanks guys. That's some encouraging information. It's not always about catching fish but just fishing and it looks to be a nice stretch of water to check out.

The owner of Tippy's, who has a place on Windemere or nearby, said he could leave my name with the guard to the island so I could check out the fishing there so I'm going to take him up on the offer in January.

Seeing and catching tailing bones in the mangroves/creeks between Winding Bay and Half Sound really got me interested in more exploring.

I'll be logging more miles and filling the gas tank with $6.30 a gallon gas.

And Henry, you're so right abourt the other species. I was shocked to see the speed that a grouper charges a fly from 10-15 feet away. They are very agressive. If you are kayaking do you bring along a cooler with ice, clean your catch and throw it in the cooler? If you don't have a cooler I guess there isn't much you can do with a snapper or grouper unless you're at the end of your fishing day.

Thanks again.


Henry 12-03-2012 02:03 PM

Hi Marty,
We bring a medium sized "soft-sided" cooler loaded with ice no matter whether we're fishing from Kayak and/or on foot or by car. One of the best parts of the Bahamian fishing experience is being able to take advantage of the fresh seafood.

Our daily rations include the soft-sided cooler with 6 Kaliks and 2 sandwhiches plus a couple granola bars. Any food fishes caught immediately get filletted and put on ice. Our water rations for the day consist of at least 2 large fully frozen water bottles each. Any mature lipped queen chonch, chitions (gumboots), blue crabs/crawfish and snappers (muttons and yellowtails) we stumble across are harvested until we've got only enough for a hearty fresh fish dinner.

Hopefully will be on island for 3 weeks this Cuba for 2 weeks before that though.


MartyG 12-03-2012 07:11 PM

Thanks Henry. A benefit of a Canadian passport is entry into Cuba. That's a place I'd like to see. Almost did get there via a regatta from Sarasota, FL. That may still work out someday.

I presume you check luggage with a fillet knife? Or do you just buy one at a tackle shop each trip?

I'll be back down there in late March or early April. If our trips overlap let's meet for a Kalik.


Henry 12-04-2012 02:30 AM

Hi Marty,
Yup!, a deathly sharp 7inch Normark fillet knife goes in my checked bag every time. Can't tell you how many times my bags had Airport Customs/Security seals on them indicating they've been opened and searched. Ever since the first time that happened, I include in my bag (right on top) a detailed inventory of all the items in it and a couple photo's of those contents "exploded" on my livingroom floor. I go through those steps not so much for Customs/Securities benefit as I do it for any claims I might have to make to recover the value of lost baggage. And if the Airport/Airlines fail to redeem me full value, I have a ryder on my home insurance policy that will pick up the difference. Have you ever considered the monitary value of your checked bag contents? I bring 4 rods and reels worth well over $2,500.00 and how I could ever put a value on all the flies I've personally tied and bring...(comprising 100's of hours at the bench). Then there's an extra camera/tripod and lenses clothing, hats, footwear, GMRS radios etc. I figure I've got over $4,500.00 bucks packed into a 50lb's worth being so anal should something happen.

Nope, never had an issue with the knife.

sidelock 12-05-2012 09:21 AM

Hopefully will be on island for 3 weeks this Cuba for 2 weeks before that though.


Henry, check your PM .

Henry 12-05-2012 08:35 PM

got it...nmsg!
:wink: love cuba

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