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9wt 09-25-2012 09:32 AM

UV resins
I've always used epoxy up to now but I'm thinking of getting one of the UV resins to try out. Since there are at least three systems on the market I would be interested in Forum members' opinions as to which system they prefer.
It would be mostly for saltwater type streamers but I also tie trout & smallmouth flies.

juro 09-25-2012 09:40 AM

Pete Gray (penguin) and the guys over at Bears Den are into it bigtime, I am thinking same for some winter tying projects. Keep us posted

9wt 09-27-2012 03:52 PM

Thanks, Juro.
I've followed Penguin's amazing ties on the Forum and Bear's Den carries three makes of resin. I'm looking for opinions about which make people prefer before I invest.

JonC 09-27-2012 09:03 PM

To get in cheap, buy a UV light on eBay ($5) and then get some Loon UV Knot Sense or Wader Repair, (same stuff) $7.50 for a half ounce, WAY less than the other stuff, maybe not quite as good as Bug Bond, but I seriously doubt the fish will give a crap. For a dispenser the tubes are not great, I got a small syringe of one of the Tuffleye products,($4) emptied it, and filled with the Loon stuff, works great. Total $16.50, and the Loon product is available all over the place.

fredaevans 10-03-2012 04:58 PM

Now that's very cool info as I'm toying with going down that road. Only thing that's held me back is I can buy 50 UK 'Buzzers' for 12 pounds (plus a couple more for postage). And done by a Pro.

With my PP account screwed up (ever actually tried to talk to a real person there? Don't bother, you won't) the payment system is convoluted. I'll set up an account (payment by PP 'Invoice') at a local shop that the 'seller' can draw on. As I said, convoluted, but it's working.

Wish I could convince more folks to sign up with Their system is flawless. Had a question a couple of months back, no problem on a purchase-those have all been 110%. You order, you get .... Bebos figured that one out years ago.

Anyway, had a simple question and I was talking to a Real Live Breathing Human Being in less than 3 minutes.:smokin:


Penguin 10-08-2012 07:56 AM

I've tried Tuffleye, CCG, Bug-Bond, Loon, Deer Creek... :confused:
'Been there... 'Done that...
IMHO... The WINNER... :Eyecrazy:
Bug-Bond Original with the Pro applicator kit and the new light... :smokin:
[available at the Bear's Den and Whitewaterflies]...
'suggest Tuffleye Clear Coat to seal the deal...
Tuffleye FLEX is also a very good choice...
Light Cured Acrylics offer unique opportunities NOT readily available elsewhere...
NO regrets and NO going back [to epoxy or toluene based goo]...

9wt 10-08-2012 09:22 AM

Thanks for your reply. You're obviously the expert on the UV resins & I was hoping for your opinion. Bug-Bond it is!

Penguin 10-08-2012 10:21 PM

by the way...
the Bug-Bond applicator tips [translucent cones] allow you to see the acrylic coming down the barrel... the fine tip allows for pinpoint targeting and then when you set the container down the bit left in the tip goes back down... :Eyecrazy:
after some time the tip may/will get a slightly clogged... just take it off the bottle and let it soak in some alcohol for a while, rinse, and it will be like new... ready to go for the next few months... :rolleyes:
I've had the same tip on for several years and it's still going strong...
since the acrylic is UV cured, you will have to keep it under wraps if your station is near a window... :whoa:
some of the full spectrum lights will start to skin over most every L.C.A. out there if left to bake in the presence of the lamp... :tsk_tsk:
'best to apply a little at a time and cure as you go with the magic lamp... :wink:
when you are all done, apply a light coat of Tuffleye Clear Coat or Hard as Nails and let it set up...
I take the cure one step farther and will place my phreshly welded phlyz in a block of foam and let them enjoy the best curing light yet devised [the Sun] on my back porch...:whoa:

If I can get some time off for "good behavior" I'll be PHLY WELDING up a storm at the Fly Tying Symposium [Nov] and again at the Fly Fishing Show [Jan] in Somerset NJ ...
'advice is PHREE... 'will tye phor phood... [would that be Thai Phood?!]... :rolleyes:

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