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Nathan Smith 04-18-2000 11:20 AM

Rhody Mini-Clave Part 2
Anyone up for a second rhody trip this weekend?

Lefty 04-18-2000 11:41 AM

RE:Rhody Mini-Clave Part 2
Nate you houndog! I thought you weren't impressed with Rhody. It's nice down there in South County but the river in Seekonk seems to be the best bet.
It also seems like there is at least <b>some</b> schoolie action on the cape. Judging by the reports it's mostly holdovers in select areas. And now we have another cold week sitting on us, sheesh. Will the real season ever begin? Or will we just go straight into next winter. Maybe we should be planning tying Claves instead. Boo..hoo.


grego 04-18-2000 07:41 PM

RE:Rhody Mini-Clave Part 2
I could not believe it. I got up at 6:30 this morning only to see a sleet storm, which lasted for about 45 minutes. IT'S TOO FRIGGIN COLD!

juro 04-18-2000 09:04 PM

RE:Rhody Mini-Clave Part 2
My .02 - we're on the cusp... never know when you'll find a pack of bright migrating fish hitting everything in sight like they do when they first arrive, but there aren't yet enough of these marauding packs to get the odds up. My memories of April are "holy crap!" and "ho hum", in the same spot on consecutive tides. Of course this can happen everywhere but there always seems to be some action available when the hordes have arrived for the season. What's missing in early-mid April is consistency.

One would think pre-spawn schoolies should be on a push for our coastline, but then temperature and things like durations of sunlight and who knows what other factors are in play here. I know things are turning over, the pink cherry blossoms are just starting to come out as if in denial of the sleet and cold.

The smell of herring runs and annual habits of the older adults has got to have them sniffing around at the mouth of the herring-bearing rivers, but only after the spawning urge is sated down in the Chesapeake area.

If my wife didn't have the weekend locked up, I'd go just for the great feeling of being in the roaring surf. Good news is, it seems the Spring Clave is headed for a right-place, right-time kind of schedule!

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tomd 04-19-2000 08:23 AM

RE:Rhody Mini-Clave Part 2
what day and time are you planning for Nate? i may be able to get out real early... and wanted to the Rhody myself. Tom

Nathan Smith 04-19-2000 09:04 AM

RE:Rhody Mini-Clave Part 2
I will most likely do a day trip on Saturday If anyone is interested. I also might just go trout fishing.


Terry, actually I like it down there quite a bit. It was just that I was getting really tired (late night), and it didn't seem like we where going to catch anything.

Lefty 04-19-2000 09:20 AM

RE:Rhody Mini-Clave Part 2

I was jesting. I knew you really liked it when you said the Quonny outflow looked like a Salmon river with all the drizzle, and clear water etc. It is an awesome spot. We will do another one down there this summer.


artb 04-20-2000 06:30 AM

RE:Rhody Mini-Clave Part 2
Hi All, I am sorry I haven't had the time this year as I am really tied up with moving to a new home. I am going to try and go and look around today on the Seekonk river.I know there is fish there. It is one of the better places for taking keeper size bass early in the season, The RI season opens April 23 for 2 fish 29" long. The reason this pace is so good is that the herring try to get up the falls at Omega Pond, but the only way they can is by the locals who net and put the fish back in above the dam. This makes it so that a run of herring is continued. The bass come right up to the dam and sometimes when the sun is out you can see them laying underneath the railroad bridge. There is quite a few spin fiahermen that go there and I have seen quite a few keepers in the past. If I get there today I will give a report tonight. TL

Nathan Smith 04-20-2000 01:24 PM

RE:Rhody Mini-Clave Part 2
Possible Plans for the Rhody Clave P2

Watch Hill
Low 5:40 AM
High 11:45 AM
Low 5:30 PM

West Wall
Low 4:55 AM
High 11:05
Low 4:50

I want to hit Deep Hole, West Wall, Watch Hill, and Quonny. Idealy we could try for the last two hours of the out going tide. That would mean leaving here at 1:30AM (yea right!!!). So we could try for the first two hours of incoming. We would need to leave here at 4:00-4:30. I think we should try Watch Hill or Quonny first, then when the tide starts to go out again at noon go to deep hole???? The whether is key. They are calling for 57 degree high with showers, which doesn't make it look to good, but I am a fisherman and not held down by petty things such as common sense and reason.

artb 04-20-2000 07:38 PM

RE:Rhody Mini-Clave Part 2
Like I said, I went today for about an hour when the sun came out this afternoon. No hits, didn't even see any herring. I can only think that this is because this was dead low tide on the Seekonk at Omega Pond. I know that the herring come in with the tide and fall back into the holes when the tide drops. There had to be fish, or atleast herring around as there was about 20 commarants diving around in the river. I checked out the acess to Omega pond again, they are making it harder to get in there as they have some 6 x 6 cement blocks across the acess, but you can get around them. There is no signs. TL

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