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juro 10-09-2011 08:01 PM

Season change well underway
The blue crabs left, some scallops are moving in and the water clarity increased dramatically. Nice fish have invaded the shoreline and estuaries around the elbow, chasing juvie bunker 4-6" (larger bass) while snapper blues are everywhere eating the bay anchovies and silversides. Any schools of bug bunker don't go long without getting exlpoded. Reports of albies at Stage. I saw some guys bringing in slammer blues from the rip at bridge street ramp.

Migration is definitely happening now on the cape.

Paxton 10-10-2011 06:36 PM

Glad somewhat got into fish....went to the Cape Saturday.....tried, the tub, South Beach...checked out Morris, Stage, Hardings...fished Quivett creek on bayside for 2 hrs on the drop...dead, dead, dead!!!!!!!!!!!! fish sighted, no activity (birds or fish)....very dead sad to say.
Quote of the day on another forum site re Scorton and East: "You would have a better chance of getting a striper if you dropped your fly in your bathtub"....that about summed up my day. :frown:

boatdrinks 10-10-2011 07:00 PM

Yeah Saturday was dead for me. The sound was a mess in the morning and point rip was as rough as I would ever want to see it. It calmed down in the afternoon but all we found were dogfish. Sunday we found some big blues and albies.

juro 10-10-2011 09:05 PM

They were WAY up inside, like on the clam flat at the causeway. Fish pushing the juvie bunker up to 40" class. The big bunker were all the way at the tops of the estuaries and the really big fish were on them at night as it typical, although things still seem a couple of weeks behind.

By this morning the bass were gone but the bait was still there, which tells me they are just on the move and fueling up.

boatdrinks 10-14-2011 08:48 AM

yeah that makes sense. There were some nice blues in the sound too. You could also sight cast to some smaller blues out by the inlet cruising on that little flat which was pretty cool.

flyflicker 10-15-2011 09:55 AM

Oyster Fest
I'm in town today... and for all next week. The oyster fest is on the agenda today, but I do need to get my line stretched out a bit. I wonder where the best opportunities will be, any suggestions? I thought maybe Stage Harbor inlet... or farther out on the backside beaches

juro 10-16-2011 08:59 AM

I normally have up to the minute observations but this weekend the perfect storm of personal, occupational and recreational forces kept me in the city. This time of year, it takes all three to keep me from the water!

You can be sure of one thing, the juvie and adult bunker on the south side will not be left at peace for very long.

Also, the fish you see one tide will likely not be there the next.

Just keep moving and enjoy the scenery until WHAM :)

rooster 10-16-2011 06:02 PM

Well, another season behind me. Thought I might get the chance for the elusive albie, but Fridays rain and Saturdays "winterizing" chores kept me from the water. Guess it's time to start thinking about next year! I'll be checking out some new water off the NC coast with some friends this coming weekend. They did real well the past few days on drum and weakfish, while I was closing down the W Dennis house. We'll see "if I should have been here yesterday" on This coming Friday!
Tight lines

boatdrinks 10-17-2011 08:11 AM

when we were out a week ago it seemed like NC style albie fishing on the ocean side. Big schools of sand eels were balled up at the surface with albies coming up from underneath. Pretty cool

rooster 10-17-2011 12:45 PM

Thanks- I'll let you know how it goes this weekend.

rooster 10-26-2011 10:33 AM

We had a good weekend near Wilmington. We caught about 30 sea trout (called spotted trout) down here in the estuaries and one 6# redfish in the surf. All were caught on spinning tackle-jigs/rapalas. I was a guest in a boat and the fly rod wouldn't work with the 3 of us and the way the boat was set up. It was alot of fun and great weather. I will be back. These sea trout could definitely be caught on the fly. Pretty country and glad to learn some new water, 3.5 hours from the house.
Headed to a tree stand now..., rut is starting!

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