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chrismeyer 01-13-2011 01:33 PM

Guiding islamorada for tarpon
hallo from germany,

I go to Miami in april and two days tarpon fishing in islamorada.
Who can help me with a good guide?


petevicar 01-13-2011 04:53 PM

Hey Chris
I know a lot of tarpon guides in Islamorada.
April can be a good time if the weather is OK.
When do you plan to go?

Grusse aus Deutschland.


chrismeyer 01-14-2011 06:46 AM

Hallo pete,

I'm there from the 21.4-28.4.

I Bit earler then last Year, but i Hope that is still a good Time.


petevicar 01-14-2011 07:42 AM

The tarpon season really gets going in May but if the weather is good there can be a few fish around at the end of April.
Where are you staying?

chrismeyer 01-14-2011 08:25 AM

i stay in miami and come down there for fishing for two days.


LeeG 01-14-2011 08:53 AM

Greg Poland would be an excellent choice. He was the person that was referred to me by two good authorities. I had a great day fishing with him.

JR SPEY 01-18-2011 09:06 AM

I'm surprised you don't hook up with a Miami area guide. Most will spend one day in the Everglades and maybe another day off Biscayne Bay or maybe Key Largo. In late April your chance of getting into tarpon action is considerably higher in the Glades than in the Keys. The Gulfside of the Keys can have good fishing for laid up tarpon most of the year IF the wind is reasonable, but there is still more consistent sight fishing in the Glades most years at that time of the year. Also, a Miami area guide would know if the fishing isn't happening yet off Biscayne or Key Largo and would probably take you into the Glades both days. Bob LeMay is a very well known Miami area guide and so is Mark Ciobacca (I'm guessing at the spelling). If your heart is set on Islamorada, Steve Lavoie would be my choice. The problem is that getting dates with these guys on such short notice is not real good. Call Sandy Moret's Florida Keys Outfitters for help in booking a guide.

chrismeyer 01-19-2011 12:44 AM

Thank you all for helping
@jr spey> Thats new for me that the glades are so successful.


JR SPEY 01-19-2011 09:49 AM


Originally Posted by chrismeyer
Thank you all for helping
@jr spey> Thats new for me that the glades are so successful.


Over the years I've averaged four jumped fish per day while fishing in the Glades, and barely one per day elsewhere. Now, a lot of those four are in the 25-40 pound range, but they're still a blast. And you can catch 100#+ fish there, too. Off the Keys the fish will average quite a bit bigger, but the average gets wacked by all the days with no fish. When I used to fish the Miami area for an entire week, we'd often go into the Glades three times and then east of Biscayne Bay for a day or two or maybe to Key Largo for a day. Terrific variety and lots of options depending upon the expected weather.

petevicar 01-19-2011 10:06 AM

I have also fished in the Everglades around Chokoloskee and can confirm what Jr says. There are also a lot of opportunities to can snook and redfish.

Biscayne Bay is very close to Miami and there are usually good chances for bones, permit and tarpon.

IUf you intend to stay in Miami then you must reckon with approx. 2hr drive each way to and from Islamorada.

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