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Bob Pink 06-11-2000 07:22 PM

MV Catch & Release 1-fly event
Spent the end of the week and weekend on the Rock to fish the Rod & Gun Club Tournament for the first time. Fishing was very tough Thursday and Friday with the south side unfishable due to surf and winds, the east beach loaded with mung, and picky fish everywhere else.
Tourney night shaped up well with nice fish holding on the first 2 hrs of the ebb at Cape Poge Light. My teammate and I picked up 14 decent fish w/ three bigger ones dropped/broken/bungled (I contributed the bungled and dropped). The rest of the night was spent checking spots without action.
Just for curiousity sake,
250 entrants
318 fish caught & released over 20"
largest fish 38"
the most fish, 30 by a two man team
the most fish on a single fly, 9
Thanks to the MV Rod & Gun Club for a really fun night of fishing and this mornings award breakfast. It's a good one to check out....

juro 06-12-2000 05:50 AM

RE:MV Catch & Release 1-fly event
Sounds pretty awsome Bob! I've been wanting to do that for years. Next year we'll have to move the Monomoy Clave date (forward if it's a cool spring, or backward if it's warm) to accomodate those who want to do the one-fly.

Now... let's talk about calamari!

Lefty 06-12-2000 12:45 PM

RE:MV Catch & Release 1-fly event
What about the Clamari? We've proven that last winters Pollock patterns work, how (where, when) do you intend on field testing your squiddy's? I volunteer as a field tester.


ssully 06-12-2000 09:28 PM

RE:MV Catch & Release 1-fly event
Capt. Bob,

Glad you hooked up and had some fun.

juro 06-14-2000 06:49 AM

RE:MV Catch & Release 1-fly event
Terry -

I had several test scenarios for the calimari caper, and I am sure BobP has more...


a) Upper Cape Outlet near Craigville

An area where squid have historically come to shore with huge fish in tow

b) South Monomoy Point


c) Outer Beaches / Race Point


a) Monomoy rips

b) Middleground

c) Sugar Reef (RI)

juro 06-14-2000 08:55 AM

RE:MV Catch & Release 1-fly event
Terry -

Sat/Sun June 24/25 looks good for an evening high tide, row across to a secluded point where squid are often pushed against the shore by slammer blues (up to 17 pounds) and cow bass. The location is on the upper cape.

Any availability that night?

Lefty 06-14-2000 10:18 AM

RE:MV Catch & Release 1-fly event
I guess I'm on a very short leash for a while having used up fishing points (actually borrowed them from future outings).
I better think about mid to late July at this point. Yet the "Found Sunglasses" trip with Roop is shaping up for Barnstable Harbor next week, and I got Hermit Island Me. in the first week of July. I may also show up at Bass River before then for a family weekend. IF I'm on cape I'll let you know. Only "State Sponsored" fishing for me for a while..ouch.

(editors note: For all you Bachelors out there laughing or just simply amazed, try living with them! Hell hath no fury..and all that)

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