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juro 03-02-2000 06:24 AM

Monomoy Flats Clave
> *Hint* Maybe Juro will show me some Cape flats. Monomoy
> comes to mind.

And don't forget Brewster!

Although it was a small group, I enjoyed the Monomoy Clave where some of us met last year. 6 of us worked the flats on a foggy morning and I had to leave at 10am; by then we all caught fish and others stayed.

I know the island fairly well, and have picked big shallow water fish up on crab flies where many others don't bother to fish due to rumor and reputation, but can hardly consider myself to be any sort of authority on Monomoy. Many of us have a working knowledge of the island and it's flats, and an island expedition always promises to be a great time.

I suggest we clave it twice - early / mid June, then again in September.

Who's in?

Roop 03-02-2000 08:06 AM

RE:Monomoy Flats Clave
I'm in.

How about hitting Monomoy in the AM and Brewster in the PM if the tides work out...

We need to get Ron, Mike & Tom. I have Ron's email, do you know where to find Tom & Mike?


juro 03-02-2000 09:15 AM

RE:Monomoy Flats Clave
Calling all Monomoy alumni... you guys out there?

I'll go dig if we don't hear...

jeffg 03-02-2000 12:52 PM

RE:Monomoy Flats Clave
I'm game. I logged a lot of time around there as a kid in a 13' whaler we kept in Stage harbor in the early 80's, but it may as well be a different country now with all the geological shifts that took place (not to mention biological--seals and albies??). However, my friend is buddies with an excellent guide who runs a flats boat down there--we had a great trip last year, and I'm schedualed for another one this year in early June, so I'll have the place fresh in my memory for a little return wading excursion.

Jeff Ganguly

doug 03-02-2000 03:10 PM

RE:Monomoy Flats Clave
I'd love to visit Monomoy for the first time....not to mention finally making a clave. I hope that I can make all depends on the day.

grego 03-02-2000 04:56 PM

RE:Monomoy Flats Clave
I'm In. Will we do a week-day again to avoid crowds?
Also, do you really need a clear line to fish this spot?
If so, what do you guys recommend and how much $?

juro 03-02-2000 05:28 PM

RE:Monomoy Flats Clave
greg -

I do use a clear line, and no loops based on past experiences. There are spots I like to fish on the east side of Monomoy (no one else bothering, lots of fish) that will require the 325 grain QD, so bring it. If you don't have the clear line yet, I would recommend the 444 clear intermediate because it casts well and takes a nail knot. Many other brands do not take a nail knot (imagine that?

In the spring rush, when the fish are coming around the bend in waves it doesn't really matter if you ask me. You could catch fish with anything that puts the fly in their face.

In July and August, totally different story - I'd even dress to blend into the ambient colors then.

I really hope Ron comes, he fishes it more than I do and has some interesting perspective on what works and what doesn't, where to fish and where not to, etc.

I ended up on Rip Ryder with one of the Monomoy regulars one day. We were walking back together on the east shore toward the "tree" and I saw some shifty shadows. I stopped to cast, he said "don't bother, nothing there". I tied on a crab, second cast >THUNK< the shadows were all keeper sized bass.

Another day, the shuttle was making me wait (and wait and wait) so I started to fish the drop off as the tide swept over it. A clam digger worked the sand as I cast. The hole was loaded with stripers, nice size (but not K's). Keith started to head over so I reeled up, the clam dude said "never see anyone fishing there".

Moral I learned from it all: although the quintessential fishery on Monomoy is the skinny current sweeping over the common flats or (or guzzle or crib) there are plenty of fish in any logical station at any given time.

Oh yeah, answer: if you got the green, go for the clear 444. It's a great flats line.


JimW 03-02-2000 08:35 PM

RE:Monomoy Flats Clave
How do you get access to the island?

Day trip/overnight?

Does the Cortland 444 clear tip fit the bill or does this require a full clear line? I've been looking at purchasing a couple of new lines and the floater with the clear tip looks good. Is the Cortland lazer line any better than the 444?

juro 03-02-2000 09:51 PM

RE:Monomoy Flats Clave
Hi Jim -

> How do you get access to the island?

There are two well-known shuttles, Rip Ryder and Outermost Harbor Cruises. Rip (Keith) will do a 5am given 6 Ryders. otherwise, the trip starts at 8am. The leave from Monomoy Wildlife Refuge and Outermost Harbor, respectively.

> Day trip/overnight?

Day trips only.

> Does the Cortland 444 clear tip fit the bill or does
> this require a full clear line? I've been looking at
> purchasing a couple of new lines and the floater with
> the clear tip looks good.

I haven't gone to the tip because I have the full, but the stealth requirement doesn't really kick in until summer if you ask me.

From my experience with sinktips in the great northwest, I know that the more floating line you got the easier it is to lift and mend the line (if that's what you need to do).

Because I always strip to the last inch and often use the option of a deep sunk fly using a 10 count or even a 20 count before stripping, the intermediate full line in clear is a better all-around investment for me if I had to make a choice.

Dave Boucher loves his clear tip 444, I'm sure it's a great line!

> Is the Cortland lazer line any better than the 444?

The laser's the high-end finish for the Cortland lines. Because the last several lines I bought were Big Game series 444, I haven't used the Laser in SWFF applications but it makes a great freshwater line for trout so one would assume so.

If I had to outfit myself for the year for shore fishing, I would buy two lines (each on their own spool) - 444 clear intermediate and a 325 grain QD 444. The others are nice but there's nothing you can't tackle with these two setups... unless you hop on a boat and go mooch the rips or want to fish a popper slowly or... Juro

JohnM 03-03-2000 09:00 AM

RE:Monomoy Flats Clave
Juro and Gang:

Count me in.....I have had some tremendous luck at Monomoy in June and September. Even had shots at Fat Alberts in September but no hook-ups. I have already got a few trips booked for late May and can do some scouting for our group. Get those Angel Hair Clousers and Crab patterns ready !


mccaff 03-03-2000 12:14 PM

RE:Monomoy Flats Clave
I would definitely like to be at this clave. Count me in if anybody's counting. I think a weekday would be best as long as we can pick one soon.

-Jim McCaffrey

ssully 03-03-2000 01:46 PM

RE:Monomoy Flats Clave

Bob Pink 03-03-2000 04:05 PM

RE:Monomoy Flats Clave
I'm already planning options to learn more about the M-flats this summer so a clave sounds like a great place to start... In! Maybe we can locate a nice trough to run 'Double Happiness" into for the day?

tomd 03-04-2000 08:57 PM

RE:Monomoy Flats Clave
hope i can make it to the monamoy clave this year. bad timing last year... tom

brendan 03-08-2000 03:05 PM

RE:Monomoy Flats Clave

Sign me up! I can also provide a boat.

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