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JohnM 06-14-2000 07:41 AM

Monomoy Day (Clave II): June 30th

I am going to be heading to North Monomoy on June 30th which is a Friday. My intent is to not do anything out of the ordinary with shuttles other than take Rip Ryder or Outermost Harbor to NM at the 8am shuttle. The expected high tide for that day is around 11:20am which should offer some good sight fishing chances. It will also offer a moving tide in the afternoon while the sun is still high in the sky where we can wait for fish clearing out of the channels.

If anyone is interested, please let me know. This trip will be a little less organized but will offer us all a chance to fish together again ! More info to come...........


juro 06-14-2000 08:46 AM

RE:Monomoy Day (Clave II): June 30th
Barring any unforseen circumstances, count me in. I will be able to fish until early afternoon only; I'll be meeting with Capt. Bruce Peters that evening. Maybe Bruce will be interested in walking the flats with us?

BobP - how 'bout a make up?

Brian Z - if you can get that day off, we'd love to spend some quality time on the flats with you.

Roop 06-14-2000 09:59 AM

RE:Monomoy Day (Clave II): June 30th
(Groan) Barring any unforeseen business demands, I will be there, with a big smile.


FredA 06-14-2000 10:52 AM

RE:Monomoy Day (Clave II): June 30th
Again, barring the unforseen, count me in. Actually, it allows me to start my vacation a day early.

Fred A.

juro 06-14-2000 01:28 PM

RE:Monomoy Day (Clave II): June 30th
I am leaning toward a 6am start... anyone else?

grego 06-14-2000 03:08 PM

RE:Monomoy Day (Clave II): June 30th
Sounds good. I was planning on taking some time off in Late June or Early July, so I could be around when my house gets re-roofed. If the scheduling works out I'd like to go. I hate to be so non-commital, but getting contractors to work on your house in this booming market is very difficult, so I don't even have a firm date yet. But I hope it works out.

JohnM 06-14-2000 03:16 PM

RE:Monomoy Day (Clave II): June 30th
Ok,Ok...........I can be convinced for a 6am start.......I was hoping that I would not have to leave the house untill 5:30 but the waving of tailing stripers and the wakes they make is way to much to ignore............I assume we have the same deal with Keith with a 120 dollar charge ?? Also, what if we want to stay until 4pm ???


FredA 06-14-2000 07:13 PM

RE:Monomoy Day (Clave II): June 30th
Are there any Dunkin Donuts open at 5:00am between Dennis and Chatham?

juro 06-15-2000 07:04 AM

RE:Monomoy Day (Clave II): June 30th
Fred -

The one on 134 is open at 5am... maybe 24 hours. Others on the way along 28 are a little doubtful for 5am.

There's something about two hours of fishing before the crowds that makes the day that much longer.

John -

Rip Ryder's the only shuttle that does the 6am; and they need $120 worth of riders to do it. That can be one or 13, same price. Since you are the organizer you will ride free as long as they get their $120.

The way I do it is this: If we get 12 or more, it's ten bucks each and the organizer rides free. If not, the organizer helps reduce each fishermans' share of the $120 since quorum was not reached.

So if there are 6 people at 6, everyone pays $20 to ride. If there are 10 people, everyone pays $12. If there are 12, the rate is standard $10 and the organizer rides free.

Hope that's clear,

Roop 06-15-2000 07:17 AM

RE:Monomoy Day (Clave II): June 30th
For future reference, I'm always willing to catch an early shuttle. Kind of like a default.


JohnM 06-15-2000 07:32 AM

RE:Monomoy Day (Clave II): June 30th

That makes perfect sense.......I will coordinate with Keith for the early shuttle........what about the return time ?? I am up for a 4pm return if anyone else is ?? Everyone's thoughts ???


JohnM 06-15-2000 08:11 AM

RE:Monomoy Day (Clave II): June 30th
I just got off the phone with Keith Lincoln and we are all set for a 6am shuttle on June 30th. We just need to agree on the return time. Right now, we have the following committed:

John M

Hopefully Greg will be able to make it, also.


juro 06-15-2000 08:52 AM

RE:Monomoy Day (Clave II): June 30th
John -

Actually we don't need to agree on a return time... we just need to tell Keith when we want to be picked up as either individuals or sub-groups for his clipboard schedule...

in other words if Roop, Chuck and I return at 11am we'll tell Keith "Roop party of three" at 11:00; whereas each cluster is free to return at whatever time (before 4pm) they register for.

Agreement on return time is only a factor for South Monomoy Island (the point) since they make exclusively chartered runs to that island.

The agreement on 6am is critical though.


Bill 06-15-2000 11:27 AM

RE:Monomoy Day (Clave II): June 30th
Any room for a new guy on that June 30 6am shuttle to Monomoy? If you need to fill out the boat, I'll commit.


JohnM 06-15-2000 01:47 PM

RE:Monomoy Day (Clave II): June 30th

Would love to have you ! I will be getting us more info as we get closer but basically, we will be meeting at the Refuge around 5:30-5:45am on that Friday and then zipping over to N. Monomoy. The boat will leave sharp at 6am and if anyone is unfortunate enough to miss the boat, they will most likely have to pursue the 8am standard connection. More stuff to come........


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