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juro 06-05-2000 04:41 PM

MONOMOY - rubber hits the road...
<center><b> *** IMPORTANT READING FOR CLAVERS ***</b></center>

In order to reserve the Monomoy Shuttle, we must consider the following information and possibly make a commitment. Here is an explanation of the shuttle situation:

The shuttle has a simple policy... call ahead, and go to either south beach/north monomoy for $10/$15 per rider. <b>UNLESS</b> you want to go out early or go to a special destination, in which case you must pay in advance.


The boat must be chartered for $120 dollars, with up to thirteen riders. This fixed price is split between the number of riders that show up, so we will need a count per early departure. The negotiated departure time is 6am, both days.


Just call them and make arrangements directly with them. (508) 945-5450
There is no need / benefit for me to get involved with normal shuttle times.


Early shuttles go with Keith Lincoln on Rip Ryder. Outermost Harbor is another option, but they do not service early departures. If you are not leaving early, it does not matter which service you use. You will make your own arangements if you are not taking an early shuttle.

If you are taking the early shuttle, you must commit that you will pay for your share of the ride even if you decide not to take it. Rip Ryder will be the only choice in this case.

Rip Ryder leaves from Monomoy Wildlife Refuge HQ, which is just down the road from Chatham light. To get there, take rte 28 to Chatham center. There will be a grocery store on the right, a gas station on the left and you will see the stores straight ahead. Drive completely thru Chatham Center and turn right at the stop sign at the end of the road. You'll be at Chatham light in a short distance along this road. Continue past the lighthouse and onto Morris Island Rd. The refuge is past the causeway on the left. Look on the lower right corner of the map... see where Morris Island splits above Quitnesset? That's the parking spot. Cars need to be parked down on the causeway, but you can drive up to drop off your stuff if it helps.


1. provide your name and number of riders in your party
2. provide the day - Saturday, Sunday or both
3. please bring enough to pay for the following - ($120 / # of riders)

<font size="1">If we do not get a reasonable price reduction based on enrollment, we will forget about the early option by vote / committee.</font><!--1-->

juro 06-05-2000 05:02 PM

RE:MONOMOY - rubber hits the road...
<center><b>*** MORE TO THINK ABOUT ***</b></center>

We have the opportunity to BREAK NEW GROUND on this conclave... make a shuttle excursion to fish South Monomoy Island, something few if any have done before us. In the spirit of Monomoy and the refuge, we will be pioneers.

Sure folks fish all around the "tip" from boats, I've often wished I was on shore when the rip gets too fierce. We'd get dropped off at Powder Pt. and would have both the rips on the tip and the inside flats at our disposal.

Because the trip would cost $300 (r/t), we would need a stronger commitment by clavers to pool together.

Many of you haven't fished Monomoy yet, so it's new and exciting... but for me, the thing that would make this clave ultra-special would be an unprecedented flyfishing excursion to south monomoy by shuttle!

As you response, please consider making a little history



1. provide your name and number of riders in your party
2. provide the day - Saturday, Sunday or both
3. provide destination: Monomoy, South Beach, South MONOMOY
3. please bring enough to pay for the following - ($FARE / # of riders)

Fare for South Monomoy = $300 r/t
Fare for North Monomoy = $120 r/t

i'm so outta here 06-05-2000 07:00 PM

RE:MONOMOY - rubber hits the road...
Count me in for the South Monomoy shuttle on Sat. What time would we get picked up for the return run?

Glad to hear the price includes round trip in either case.

For those taking the "normal" times: continue using the <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">shuttle sign up</a><!--url--> (??). I will post the DB complete with web based editing forms soon.

Thanks to Roop who grabbed the tide info for me.

juro 06-05-2000 07:31 PM

RE:MONOMOY - rubber hits the road...
I am also interested in South <b>Monomoy</b>, but if we do not get enough interest I am on the early (6am) shuttle to North Monomoy Saturday and early to South beach Sunday.

! Al - you make a very important point, the shuttle to South MONOMOY requires an agreed upon time in both directions ! Therefore, we would need to set a time for pickup. I would suggest 1 or 2 pm to compromise between those who want to leave at noon and those who would like to fish until 4pm. (bring something to munch on)

We will reach some concensus on the pickup time once we get a headcount.

BTW - Roop... here's what I get from for Monomoy South Point...

<font color="0000ff">June 10 Sat
High: 7:25am / 3.8 ft 8:05pm / 3.9 ft
Low : 1:00am / 0.3 ft 1:31pm / 0.1 ft

June 11 Sun
High: 8:28am / 3.7 ft 9:02pm / 3.9 ft
Low : 2:05am / 0.3 ft 2:29pm / 0.2 ft</font><!--color-->

Can you please re-confirm those tides you posted???

i'm so outta here 06-05-2000 10:05 PM

RE:MONOMOY - rubber hits the road...
I vote for leaving at 2 pm. (Better stock up on the granola bars).

<!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">Shuttle signup Database</a><!--url-->.

Jay C. 06-06-2000 06:51 AM

RE:MONOMOY - rubber hits the road...

Diane and I are signed up for the early North Monomoy shuttle for Saturday, 'til noon. Switch us over to South Monomoy if you can put that together.

Jay C.

i'm so outta here 06-06-2000 07:54 AM

RE:MONOMOY - rubber hits the road...
If you plan on taking the South Island trip, that means you're out for the times posted on the shuttle sign up. You can update your information without the need for intervention on our part.

The shuttle database is there to help people get organized and not have to chase multiple threads to determine who plans to go at what time. But it's just a convenience thing as of now. Arrangements need to be made by the groups interested in going.

JohnM 06-06-2000 08:07 AM

RE:MONOMOY - rubber hits the road...

Brad Fell and I are in for the South Monomoy Adventure at 6am if it comes to pass with the 2pm departure. If not, we will go with the early trip on Saturday to N. Monomoy with a 4pm departure.


Hawkeye 06-06-2000 08:10 AM

RE:MONOMOY - rubber hits the road...
I'm a bit confused - must be this lack of sleep from all my early morning fishing excursions. I have signed up for the shuttles using the database developed by Al. Do I need to do something different if that is still what I want to do?



i'm so outta here 06-06-2000 09:36 AM

RE:MONOMOY - rubber hits the road...

I'm confused as well. I think the source of the confusion is that a third destination has cropped up - the south island trip(not to be confused with south beach). If you're interested in this late breaking opportunity, reply to Juro's post. If you're interested in the other two destinations, use the database tools to update your information (or signup for the first time). For times other than the 6 am departure, someone from the group will have to call Rip Ryders and tell them that n number of anglers are interested in going. I'll volunteer to do that. Let's agree that the cut off time to signup/update your choice is Friday at noon.

In addition, I will add a comment field to the database so that campers can list what they will bring for Sat. evening dinner. I will make these modifications Tuesday evening after work. Look for the changes sometime around 9:00 PM EDT.

Even if you are not planning to get in on the group shuttles but do plan to attend the clave (especially if you have stuff to bring for the dinner) please use the shuttle signup and leave all the boxes unchecked. This will at the very least give us a final tally of attendees.

Sorry this is not more organized. We're trying to squeeze this in between stints of attention to our real jobs

Roop 06-06-2000 12:40 PM

RE:MONOMOY - rubber hits the road...
1. Is anybody else having to wait a lonnnng time for this
message to open?
2. Put Pete Heino & I down for South Beach on Saturday and
the early shuttle on Sunday.
3. I will bring a 2 burner propane stove and a liquid
solution for Saturday night.

We need at least 2 more for South Beach. the 3 times I hit Monomoy last year, Keith from Rip Ryder swore by the ride for getting into fish.


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