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RandyJones 06-16-2000 06:37 AM

Monomoy - Nickersons
Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to say THANKS to everyone at the campsite that I had the pleasure of meeting. I could really feel the excitement of the entire group. Glad to hear everyone had a memoable experience at my home away from home.

Come visit again soon! They are all waiting for your perfectly cast fly.

Thanks again for your hospitality,


juro 06-16-2000 10:21 PM

RE:Monomoy - Nickersons
Randy -

It was awesome meeting you live and in person! You are a first class guy and guide and it was helpful for everyone to "pick your brain". We realize that's how you make a living and your generosity with information on the flats, the fish, the flies and the fun - was invaluable.

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