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juro 05-21-2000 09:28 PM

Monomoy - Any Friday campers?
I can add a night of camping on Friday if anyone is thinking of using it... any Friday campers?


Roop 05-23-2000 07:20 AM

RE:Monomoy - Any Friday campers?

Pete & I might show up depending on the start time Saturday AM.


juro 05-23-2000 07:55 AM

RE:Monomoy - Any Friday campers?
We are well over our quota for getting the early shuttle to Monomoy at 5am. Tides are dropping through the late morning so there's really no rush except for the opportunity to get out before the crowds and fish to less bashful shoreline prowlers during the high (~7:30 / ~8:30) tides. To your point, those who care to run the morning trip should take the Friday camp opportunity, those who are going to start later on in the morning have no real need to.

I'll be staying Friday at camp and hope to make the early morning run on Saturday. I plan to get back at a reasonable time for a catnap and to help set up for Saturday evening dinner so want to maximize the time on the refuge fishing. Jeff, if you and Pete are going to be there great.

The FABULOUS Estey bros. will be doing their renown camp culinary arts thing for us. Gregg, Mike - please let us know what we will each need to pitch in for cash and food for this.

JimW 05-23-2000 05:32 PM

RE:Monomoy - Any Friday campers?
Count me in for Friday night, Probably Skip & Rich too.
Might be worth dragging the camper for 2 nights. Does anyone know if parking will be a problem with a trailer in tow on Sunday about the size of a boat trailer. I've never taken the ferry to Monomoy before (I'm getting excited just typing the word), anyway is parking a problem for the ferry?

Hawkeye 05-23-2000 05:44 PM

RE:Monomoy - Any Friday campers?
Mike and I will be joining you on Friday and we are seriously looking forward to it!

JohnM 05-23-2000 08:56 PM

RE:Monomoy - Any Friday campers?

Will the ferry be going out of Outermost Harbor or the Refuge ???


juro 05-24-2000 06:55 AM

RE:Monomoy - Any Friday campers?
Three options (yes three) for ferry service, but Outermost only does the late run. The third (and best) option is still being worked out, but Keith Lincoln of Rip Ryder does the early run for 6 or more passengers (5am) from the refuge.

So, for the early runs, Rip Ryder. Later runs - either of the two traditional shuttles. Details on the third option will be posted when confirmed.

Look for professional advice on fishing Monomoy in "What's New?" later today or tomorrow

JimW 05-24-2000 07:41 PM

RE:Monomoy - Any Friday campers?
For anyone else concerned about the prospect of hauling around a trailer on Sunday, here's the deal.
There is a parking lot at Nickerson where you can store a trailer for the day.
I'll be able to bring a couple of tables, some pots and pans, Spatula, lg. spoons, small grill, some chairs, and the trailer has a cooktop.

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