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JJones 01-02-2010 04:29 PM

Cancun DIY fishing?
Heading to Cancun Friday. Hotel is on the Laguna Nichupte. Wondering how the DIY fishing is like in this area, north side of Cancun. Any problems with getting flyrods/reels and flies on the plane as carry-on.
Any feedback would be appreciated.

Happy New Year!


nmbrowncom 01-03-2010 06:31 AM

i know that there is good and inexpensive guided fishing to the north of cancun and they'll pick you up at the resort. i think that the diy could be a bit dicey. you best check out the safety issues when wandering off on your own beyond the resort areas. don't forget, it's mexico, not disneyland.

rods and reels on the plane have traditionally not been a problem, but i just came back from an overseas non fishing trip and i can tell you, the security is much tighter and much more arbitrary-at least in the u.s. the tsa people are all running around like chickens with their heads cut off-seeming to make it up as they go along. it would be comical if it wasn't so pathetic. anyway, here's no telling how they might deal with rods and reels in the current environment.

flies have always been a hit or miss affair-and large flies more of a problem. i always pack them in my checked luggage.

for whatever it's worth, i do a lot of fly fishing travel and have always carried my rods and reels. i'm going on a trip to the amazon this thursday and will be checking all of it. i don't want to risk that they refuse it at the gate or in the security area and it doesn't make it to the plane.

good luck and have a great vacation

flatsslammer 01-03-2010 10:14 PM

fishing cancun waters
Hi JIM, Happy New 2010!!!

Regarding your question about fishing these waters based on a DIY program, here's what i can provide,

the fishing during this time of the year and mid feb. , is based on the weather due to being our winter time for us (colfront season), we are still located at a tropical position and that means tropical species also, !!!!

fishing program for DIY
Weather & location: if you happen to be here when a coldfront is over us, you'll then have to make a program to fish the southern flats of Cancun, to be on the leeward side and find calmer winds, there's a nice flat to wade right below the last bridge heading south towards the Airport, you can take the Bus that reaches Wet & Wild water park, get off on the Punta Nizuc Bridge and fish the canals and pylons, it's there were you can hook up on Tarpon or Snook,,, if no luck, then head out to the bay side and here you'll see the flat, it's 2miles long up to 200yds wide,

Good weather days, Winds from E or S, you will want to plan on fishing the other way, North of Cancun, at Islablanca, you'll need a car for this, drive half way of the Peninsula and you'll get to where the dirt road seem's to end and you should then be at an open area where you can see both sides, ocean and lagoon,, park your car there (it's Safe ok.) you might want to do some google earth prior to coming to have a better idea of what it will be like, both places, land and water,,
once on the flat, head north where it's more protected by mangroves compared to other side that still gets hit by the wind and colder,, if going here plan on fishing a long day cause the flat is 8miles long up to 1mll. wide!!!!,

Species in the House:
Bonefish-Permit, Forget about it!!! even do the day is nice and sunny, water is still too cold for them, i don't even bother to target them now
Best chances will be, Cudas, Ladyfish, Snappers and Maybe Jacks,, the flats have been taking over the Cudas and Snappers!!!, so have your arsenal and gear loaded for them,, mostly clousers, deceivers, poppers and needle fish type flies will be key to success

closer to the mangroves, SNOOK!!! but also CROCS!!!!!!!!!!!, BE careful, it's always been better to go catch something and not have somenthing catch YOU!!!! :D
play it safe and have fun, a priced fish can, can cost you more than money, :eek:

hopefully this info serves you good and wish you tight-lines when here
best regards
your friend

JJones 01-04-2010 05:35 AM

thank you!
Thanks for all the helpful information! I'll let you know how it goes!


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