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i'm so outta here 06-14-2000 11:51 PM

In the cool of evening
Jim W, Rich D and I just got back from some night fishing down in Wareham. A perfect evening for it. No wind, not too many bugs, a bright clear sky and, best of all, cooperative fish. Black clousers and black beachglass silversides were the ticket. A slow deliberate strip produced much better results than the quick snappy strip I have a habit of making.

So much depends on your ability to feel the line and the fly at the end of it. At Monomoy I was focussed on my sucky casting and not paying enough attention to what I was doing after it. Tonight I settled down a bit and just plunked it out there and finally started fishing with a firm line, keeping contact with the fly, feeling it being pulled by eddies, bouncing off the bottom, dragging across the gravel, being picked up by fish.... and quickly dropped, being picked up by fish and -- oh! fish on. Happiness is.... I landed a few decent ones. It was a rush to say the least. I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Wednesday night (and Flag Day to boot). Thanks Jim and Rich.


juro 06-15-2000 07:56 AM

RE:In the cool of evening
Funny, I was letting the dog out last night and noticed how bright the moon was, and how a warm front seems to be settling in. Although I am quite a ways from the shoreline it felt like a good night to be fishing.

It certainly was not a good night to be watching basketball if you're a Larry Bird fan!

JohnM 06-15-2000 08:18 AM

RE:In the cool of evening

Congratulations on the fish ! Night fishing is a new game altogether......The largest fish I have taken have been at night on the Vineyard. Your senses really become hear fish swirling and popping from what seems to be hundreds of yards away. One of the things I learned about night fishing and the retrieve is that in most cases, you have to use a "painfully slow" retrieve. Just when you think you cannnot go any slower, slow it down ! The rewards (as you found) can be great, though.

By the way, I do not think your casting was sucky by any stretch !!

Take care....

juro 06-15-2000 08:48 AM

RE:In the cool of evening
Al -

I have to make a supporting comment on John's note... I watched you casting on south beach while GregO was coming over to try to get that first striper I hooked on film. I looked over at you and had to ask Greg what you had been doing to get such radical progress with your loop formation and distance.

My casting history - start as a young teen with a fiberglass rod, don't do it very well for ten years, and fish with conventional gear as a crutch. One day many years later when I have the bug bad I sell all my conventional gear at a garage sale in Seattle to finally get serious about fly fishing. Many, many years later I feel comfortable with the long wand.

You fast-trackers don't know how good you've got it!

Roop 06-15-2000 09:04 AM

RE:In the cool of evening
I guess I'll parrot what others have said.

Last night I was out on the deck enjoying the cool evening, drinking a beer, watching the moon cross the tree tops, listening to the coyotes move about, I was thinking it was a great night to be out.

I do 99% of my fishing at night due to my desire to spend as much of my free time as possible with my family. So, I wait until they're going to bed before I head out.

I think the best thing about night fishing is the quiet. And casting is definitely easier. You can't really see if you're throwing a huge loop or a taling loop. You just have to go by feel and make it work. There's more fish (other than Saturday night during the clave)and it's more peaceful.

Stripping line, I agree with John, I have found the most successful strip being a long (2 -3') slow strip produces best.

I'd love to join you guys next time you head out.


i'm so outta here 06-15-2000 11:11 AM

RE:In the cool of evening
There's something cathartic about standing in moving water in the dead of night. My first fish ever on the fly rod was in the Canal near midnight. It made me want to sell my spin gear too. I think a lot of people mistake that sentiment for snobbery. It's really more an admission on my part that I suck at this (or at least I did) and that I need all the practice I can get.

Thanks for the kind words, but if you've fished with me for any length of time, you've seen some monstrously bad casts mixed in with the occasional 85 foot bomb. I have improved dramatically since last year (largely due to the writings of George Roberts). Smooth acceleration and a crisp stop makes a huge difference. I think what I lack most right now is consistency, but that will get better too, especially if I keep leaving the spin gear in the trunk.

Hey, anyone up for fishing the Cape this weekend? I'll be on Monomoy all day Sat. with my wife and son (rod stays in the car, but I have Friday or Sat. evening free.


juro 06-15-2000 11:20 AM

RE:In the cool of evening
Al -

Friday morning me and Roop will be down there but gone by evening. My father's day weekend has been comandeered by family obligations both days (birthdays, Christenings, etc). I don't even think I can do the CCA South Shore morning with an 11am start time on the first party.

All I can say is, it's a good thing I had my Father's Day early last weekend or I might be a bit frazzled over the amount of dress-up and don't-fish weekends lately.

JohnM 06-15-2000 02:12 PM

RE:In the cool of evening

I would love to join you guys BUT......I head to the Vineyard next week and have got to be careful with those chips ! Say, can we convince you to make a Monomoy pilgrimage on 6/30 ??


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