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Earle Fletcher 06-30-2009 12:14 PM

Dartmouth and St.-Jean Rivers
I got back to upstate New York last evening after a 16 hour drive from Gaspe, Quebec. We fished the Dartmouth Zone 2 for 4 days and the St.-Jean Zone 1 for 2 days. I released 7 and lost 3 on the Dartmouth and never rose a salmon on the St.-Jean. Our favorite pool had filled in, so we had to fish the others. We found salmon in 2 different pools, but they were not intered in anything we threw at them. We saw 2 very sick salmon on the St.Jean and other fishermen also saw some dead or sick salmon --- not good!

The water conditions were on the low side, but good enough to bring in a few salmon and the first grilse. It's raining there now, and the raise in water should bring in the second run of salmon.

Earle Fletcher

Salar-1 06-30-2009 02:01 PM

Anisakis Simplex is suspect on the St Jean (8 or 10 fish) and York ( a couple of fish) .The ZEC has been asked to "cull" intestines and from anal region of 70 Salmon from the York for further study . Other rivers have also been asked to do same . One of my fish on the York in early June was really fungussing up on the sides due to rubbing from a friggin net . Scales were completely missing for about a foot and a halve down each side and the skin was starting to bubble up .Sad to see . Since there's hardly any netting "supposedly " it would seem those f--knuts on St Pierre et Miquelon would be the culprits .
The York was at mid July levels early last week and is now (as of Sunday) 6 inches higher . Sector 3 emptied out on the 24th and on Saturday fish were observed continously jumping the falls at Chutes All Gaspe peninsular rivers are up from 6 inches to 2 ft ! Gaspe ZEC office was surprised at the "aggressive " number of fishermen that turned up during the C&R period .Methinks other rivers should take note !!!!!!!!!!! Despite the reduced #'s ,as you noticed , there seemed to be a high percentage of takers :-))
Quebec's North Shore rivers seem from reports to be doing well .

Salar36 07-01-2009 02:14 PM


Just take care about not confuse netting mark with other fungus like saprolenia. This happen very often on the Restigouche watershed. A fish caught in may had these marks, and we saw some on the Patapedia last week, very diffrent than gilnet mark (we caught one with this too...) The pictures I have seen seems to me as saprolenia.

What is strange, is the fact fish are found dead. On the Restigouche watershed, they usualy don't find dead fish with this infection before fall, well after spawning period, or if before, so few...And I don't believe anisakis simplex being related...

Story to follow ...

Salar-1 07-01-2009 08:01 PM

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Whatever it is/was it's ugly and as you can see by the adjoined pic it's definately NOT just only net marks but post netting injury .You'l notice the blistered up RAW pinkish 3 inch diameter mark .The resulting " blister "was present on both sides and was raised up from skin by about a 1/4 inch

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