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juro 04-26-2001 11:39 AM

Circle of steel completed!
I received the last set of steelie flies from Nate and it's time to start mailing them back out. I'll get them captured into images for posting and you can expect packages in the mail right after that.

Stay tuned for images of these impressive patterns!

sinktip 04-26-2001 06:15 PM

I don't want to hurry you but --- HURRY!!! I keep checking every day to see the pictures of the swap offerings.

Are we sick or what? Here we are grown men getting excited just to see pictures of a hunk of feathers, a little hair, some colored foil and a metal hook (or tube for those nice enough to send tube flies).

Anxiously Waiting in Seattle :)

juro 04-26-2001 06:51 PM

LOL! I'd have to say these will be worth checking for, NICE STUFF!

Thanks to all who participated and It's my pleasure to be able to see all of these together in one place.


NrthFrk16 04-27-2001 02:32 AM

Cant wait to see everyone's flies!!!! They will go right along side my Alec Jackson flies as well as my Joe Butorac flies.

And like Sinktip I am anxiously waiting in Seattle and not just for flies...September. A little trip up to the Kispiox awaits us... 8)

Its been a while since I have been this excited plus June 1 is just around the corner...was thinking that if the air temp remains cool as it has been that the Sauk might be a good bet.


andre 04-27-2001 01:56 PM


I thought I would check if the pic were up also. I'm hoping to try a little fly flinging here in the islands. If it happens will be pretty interesting as all I grabbed was a box of steelhead flies, common reaction I guess.


juro 04-27-2001 03:10 PM

Andre -

How long are you there? I think we should send you an SOS overnight pkg with crazy charlies, crabs, and tarpon flies!

I'm up to do it in all seriousness...

andre 04-30-2001 09:01 PM

Thanks for the offer, but I am leaving tomorrow 5/1. It has been extremely windy but I gave it ago today off the rocks with a number of winter patterns on luck but it was interesting as I haven't cast a single hander in a long time. Sitting on the rocks I could seen a few large fish that I could not intice. Anyway, time for another cocktail!

admin 05-01-2001 04:26 PM

I will be trying three options for getting the flies imaged and will use the best results of the three. Then I'll be sending them back out to people ASAP. Thanks for your patience and I hope you like the results. I will be working on this tonight.

Once the images are done, I will email a line of text to each creator. This text can be cut and pasted directly into a message to make the images appear in the FlyTalk message.

Please post a description of the fly in the steelhead fly archives when this email arrives.

Can't wait to see 'em all up there!

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