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KerryS 04-20-2001 09:26 AM

WSC website
I visited the WSC website this morning for the first time in a couple a couple of weeks to see what was new. The site blue screens my poor old worn out NT4 administrative workstation. The blue screen happens everytime I visit the site. I have made no changes to my system since the last time I visited the WSC site. Not a big deal to me. Just wanted who ever is developing the WSC site to know.


juro 04-20-2001 09:33 AM

I'm not sure who the webdude for the WSC site is... does it happen with both browsers (just out of curiosity)?

sinktip 04-20-2001 11:12 AM

I will forward this on to Bob, the WSC webmaster. This is a new one and thanks for the heads up. So far the only intersting bug has been the inability for the text to float over the background when accessing using Netscape.

juro 04-20-2001 12:18 PM

Hi Sinktip -

Netscape does not support watermarking, the ability to use a background statically behind a scrolling page.

Also, luckily I have been able to enjoy the page on my laptop and my home desktop computer without any trouble (knock on wood).

KerryS 04-20-2001 12:22 PM

FYI: I am using IE5.5

KerryS 04-23-2001 05:43 PM

I am going to assume someone fixed the problem cause I don't think my old desktop computer fixed itself. At any rate bsod problem is no longer when I visit the WSC web site.

sinktip 04-23-2001 09:00 PM

The webmaster said he was looking into it but so far had not found anything. Glad that it is fixed now!


KerryS 05-14-2001 03:06 PM

OK, bsod problem is gone but, so is the WSC web site. Whats up?

sinktip 05-14-2001 03:17 PM


I just checked the site and it is up. Not only that, it is finally getting some content added. Long story but it should start to take off in the next little while. Let me know if you are still unable to reach it.

juro 05-14-2001 04:06 PM

For those who don't have it, the link is:

KerryS 05-14-2001 05:12 PM

I give up. Now my bsod problem is back. The computer gods have said I have no reason to see this web site. I will fade away to a place that is reserved for old fly fishermen....................lonely............... ..............darkness...................ever try to spey cast in the dark?

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