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flywriter 02-03-2009 10:56 PM

As an active SW fly fisherman, often using shooting taper heads, I have always favored hollow braided mono for my running, (or shooting), lines. Nowadays, many running line types are being marketed, - some new and some old.

I would welcome a discussion on some of the possible running line replacements favored by active anglers using ST heads. I would base the critique on several line factors: lightweight quality, non kinking, or curling, and ease of handling when retrieving flies . Thanks much!!!

juro 02-04-2009 08:39 AM

I've grown very fond of the Airflo 40+ running line for SW applications. It's the light blue running line Tim Rajeff designed and is found on the beach lines etc.

JR SPEY 02-07-2009 12:09 PM

For saltwater use, I find that the Monic running line and Rio Slickshooter work the best. The first is a flyline type running line that is very thin (0.030") and tests over 70lb. It does not kink nor get wiry when it's cold. In fact, I often use it for winter steelheading as well. The Slickshooter is similar to a mono runningline, and I get the longest casts from it, but it is not nearly as nice handling as the Monic. I use it only when extreme distance is necessary. I've also used hollow braided mono running lines and find they work quite well, but aren't all that durable. The absolute best running line I've ever used was called Rio's Braided Floating Running Line and was discontinued about 2000. I still use what I have of it for steeleheading, Atlantic salmon, and even for sailfishing on a fly (just got back from doing that last night.) I've pleaded with Rio to bring it back, but they did not make it and they lost their source for it. It simply does not wear out---ever!

humber123 01-10-2010 12:04 AM

I use 30lb Braided Nylon for my heavy Trout Shooting Head set up - no issues and it is fine to fish in terms of manageability etc

For Spey Casting for Atlantic Salmon, I am using Orvis Floating Running Line which measures at .034" of an inch (I think)

Some guys favour thinner 0.030" running line but as I tend to use various densitiers of sinking Shooting Heads for colder water fishing, there is a lot of stripping and it is more pleasant to use a slightly thicker Running Line.

Have to say that the best Running Like I have found is the Green and Orange Running Line attached to the rear of Michael Evan Spey Casting lines. These are tops for all round shooting and manageability on a river IMHO


vtloon 01-12-2010 06:33 AM

For several years I've been an advocate of the Airflo 40+ lines. A big part of that has been the manageability of their running lines. This past year I set up a Tuna reel with the Monic running line. It's very nice handling also, and the 70# core could be a shooting-head saver in some locales (lobster pots, mooring fields, boulder patches).

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