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ak_flyfisher 01-19-2009 07:39 PM

Hi from Alaska
Just wanted to say hi to everyone here. Look forward to hanging out a little and chatting with you all!

Eric 01-19-2009 11:17 PM


Alaska's pretty big, right?

What part of Alaska are you living in?

Many of us fish in "Alaska" but see just the tiniest part of the state and sample only a tidbit of the potential.

I've fished Kodiak road system quite a bit and been to Prince of Wales Island a couple of times. Each year, when I get on the plane for the return flight home, I can't wait until I can head back north again.

Welcome to the Forum.

Tell us more!



ak_flyfisher 01-20-2009 03:52 PM

South Central
Most of my fishing is done within a few hours of Anchorage, where I live (along with the bulk of Alaska's populous.) I'd love to move out away from the city, but find my family has come to expect a quality of living that I wouldn't be able to support outside this major metro area.

I've done a little fishing in Southeast - out of Ketchikan. I'm really anxious to see if I can get there for the spring steelhead run this year, I missed it by a few weeks last year, but the King fishing was great. The limited bit I saw looked like it could produce some outstanding and beautiful steelhead fishing. Also done a little bit of fishing by the road system North of Anchorage - not enough, but a little bit.

You bring up the road system and only sampling a portion of what Alaska has to offer... It's so vast, and the road system so limited, that with the exception of those who fly and those banking six-figure incomes, it's nearly impossible to get to see it all - but I'm giving it my best effort :hihi: all the while dreaming about the flying and income part of that equation.

Thanks for the note - look forward to seeing you around the forum, and maybe someday we'll have the opportunity to fish the same stretch of some remote river.

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