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Hawkeye 06-06-2000 03:34 PM

Foodmeister final call
OOOh it's soooo close!

Mike and I are going food shopping tonight so I thought I would post to get any last minute info. No one suggested Mike cool his chilli down so it looks like it will be hot.

The closest count I can get by perusing the posts is 18 for dinner and 16 for breakfast. Juro if you have more accurate info we'd love to hear it.

Pre dinner munchie and other stuff volunteers:

Alan P. will bring chips and cheeses
Roop will bring veggies and dip
Al D will bring a big pot
multiple stove volunteers
Mike Powers offered an espresso maker if he comes but it still looks like a definite maybe by the last post.

We could still use salsa for the chips, crackers for the cheeses, and a cast iron "camping" dutch oven if anyone has one.

Thanks all, and think good weather with happy/hungry/willing fish.

juro 06-06-2000 03:42 PM

RE:Foodmeister final call
Since Terry can't make it, I'll step up to the salsa plate. Please don't expect Terry-grade salsa!

Gregg, because this is NOT like the boneclave, we are a few minutes from fresh anything and we don't need a boat to get it. If it's easier, we could easily chip in to get food once we get there that way you don't need to calculate or invest too much. I plan on cutting the fishing each day to mid-afternoon so I can run errands.

Also sorry about the lack of software tools to pull the equipment thing together. I didn't have the luxury of time this go around and there's only one Al!

Hawkeye 06-06-2000 04:23 PM

RE:Foodmeister final call
Good point Juro. I was more worried about not having enough than investing too much. What is not eaten we can take back with us. As for shopping while we are out there that will be a great fall back plan if more people show than we planned for. We will still be shopping this evening though so we can cook before the trip. It's a great time/effort saver after fishing all day - The cook is also less stressed out

juro 06-06-2000 04:50 PM

RE:Foodmeister final call
We're in good hands!

thanks for all the hard work, let me know what I can bring


Powers 06-06-2000 06:44 PM

RE:Foodmeister final call
I'm in now, with espresso maker, camp stove, lanterns & sundry. Won't get down until Sat. afternoon. I'll look around the other threads to see what sort of sign ups are mandatory. Otherwise, I guess I'll wing it.

juro 06-06-2000 07:02 PM

RE:Foodmeister final call
Very cool news, Mike! Glad to hear you can join us.

If you look on the "what's new" links there is an Info page that I hope will explain things in plain english. Like past claves, the thread approach doesn't work... thanks to Al, there's a sign up form.

If you are joining in Sat afternoon, we hope to be holding a casting clinic with a special guest. If this falls thru there will be a multitude of lines, rods and minds to discuss casting with in the group. This will be followed by a famous conclave dinner and shuttles to North Monomoy / South Beach Sunday AM.

Any questions feel free to <a href="">email</a><!--email--> me.


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