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doug 03-05-2000 08:33 AM

E-Z Shape Sparkle Body sand eels
Anyone out there tying any sand eels using E-Z Shape Sparkle Body?
My questions are: How do you smooth the stuff out? Or does it matter? Do you try to "mold it" after it stiffens a little?
What colors do you prefer?
Any luck with them?
Doug B.

juro 03-05-2000 09:24 AM

RE:E-Z Shape Sparkle Body sand eels
Hi Doug -

I've seen many good uses for this stuff, although I tend to use clear coatings over sparkle materials instead of using this, it's much easier to build up bulk with EZ-shape sparkle body. Well, kinda - I found the name to be a bit of a misnomer, it's not easy to shape. You need to glop it in place and leave it alone, letting it settle into the smooth shape you want, much different behavior than epoxy or other coatings.

Here some usages where I say thumbs up:

1) clouser heads - pearl, olive pearl; which you can see in Bob's technique below...

[img]" border="0">

2) crab body usage by Chris Mountain...

<img src="[/img]

I've been far better off using other materials and techniques for sand eels although I've seen some gorgeous ones "tied" with this material.

We are all entitled to an opinion, mine is that after I ran out and bought every color I use it very infrequently over the course of a season. Probably just me, your results may vary,


Bob Pink 03-05-2000 02:28 PM

RE:E-Z Shape Sparkle Body sand eels
Actually Chris has a E-Z Body sand eel pattern on his site, which since I just pinged it to get the URL looks like it's been recently updated. Chris has a story of using it for the Vineyard one-fly catch & release tourny a few years ago.

As far as using the material itself, it's something that you definitly develope a 'touch' for as you use it. For a uniform body like a sand eel I usually just apply it in strips along the body. The key is to use uniform pressure on the bottle to get a steady flow. I also find that in spite of Chris' insistance that you do not need a rotary epoxy-type dryer, they really help distribute the material evenly.

The product sets up slowly, RESIST the temptation to keep going back to 'touch-up' what you've done. If it dosen't look right, wipe it off and do it again.

Chris also has some great tips for using the solid colors of E-Z to make eyes. He should be at the Wilmington show and will be more than willing to show you all his tricks.

If you have a particular technique question feel free to post or e.mail me on the side and I'll help with what I know.

Bob Pink 03-05-2000 09:01 PM

RE:E-Z Shape Sparkle Body (That Crab)
Looks like that crab is tied w/the hook pointing down? Or was that the underside of the body? Either way it looks like nice work by Chris....

juro 03-06-2000 07:05 AM

RE:E-Z Shape Sparkle Body sand eels
Bob -

The hook is turned away from the scanner glass. Here's one w/ the digital camera...
<font size="1">Chris Mountain's Gold Crab</font><!--1--></center>
Also, wanted to clarify in the above that the ez-shape sparkle technique for clousers was similar to Bob's use in the squid, not that I ever thought those were clousers. Difference being the build-up technique Bob uses, much more pronounced and shaped than the one I was referring to on clouser heads.


doug 03-06-2000 03:10 PM

RE:E-Z Shape Sparkle Body sand eels
Bob and Juro,
Thanks for the info! By the way...those "squid looking" things seem to have a very smooth surface. The second crab is a work of art!!
Juro, you mentioned "tying" the sand eel....hmmm. I'll admit is not 100% tied...but.... :)
Doug B.

Bob Pink 03-06-2000 03:41 PM

RE:E-Z Shape Sparkle Body sand eels

Those 'micro-squid' have an epoxy overcoat that gives them that extra gloss finish. The E-Z Body does set up fairly soft so if you want to make it durable, a light epoxy coating helps...

grego 03-06-2000 09:01 PM

RE:E-Z Shape Sparkle Body sand eels
All I can say is WOW, very impressive!

bill 03-23-2000 08:00 PM

RE:E-Z Shape Sparkle Body sand eels
When you look at the EZ-Shape stuff in the bottle, it will look considerably whiter than when it dries - jet black looks like a light grey in the bottle.
Once it has been in the water on the end of your line for a little while, it will regain this whiteness, and look lousy. To overcome this problem, i've successfully used clear vinyl jig finish from Feather-Craft, to coat the EZ-Shape once it is really good and dry. This prevents it from absorbing water and therefore prevents it from turning white, but it still retains the softer feel of the EZ-Shape and doesn't add as much weight as epoxy.

Feather-Craft is Feather-Craft Flyfishing, St Louis, Missouri 800-659-1707


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