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sazan 06-04-2008 11:27 AM

CF Burkheimer SH rods
Anyone has cast and fish with CF Burkheimer SH wt.4 rods: 8'9" or 9' either 3 and/or 4 peace version?



wrke 06-04-2008 12:28 PM

Ten years ago, Kerry built me a 3 pc 9' 5wt (it carries the wonderful serial # 1000). I needed a rod for a specific purpose . . . Kerry sent me 2 or 3 rods to try. I really liked the 4 wt (I can't remember if it was the 9' or the 8' 9", but I think it was the shorter one — probably 3 pc). A very smooth, lovely rod, but it just didn't have the power I needed for my specific need (a large western, windswept river fishing large flies — salmon fly hatch). I love my 5 wt, but I remember the 4 wt was a wonderful rod. I was tempted, but I couldn't justify the expense (he'd also built me 2 spey rods).

sazan 06-04-2008 12:50 PM


Does the wt.5 rod ( 3 pc.) rod have the power needed for a mid/large western windy rivers when fishing large flies?

Also, do you remember if wt. 4 you had tested was fine for small flies and moderate winds ( up to 15 mph) ?

I have heard that 4 pc , SH rodr from Burkhaimer are much faster and perfect for windy conditions.


Warren 06-04-2008 04:37 PM

I have a CH Burkhiemer 4 wt blank being built now. I have yet to cast one, but the folks that have say they are some kind of nice. I am excited about receiving it. It should be along soon.
I will use it here in New England, no big rivers really , but a 9 footer should make a nice nymph rod for most streams. Which is really what I want it for.

wrke 06-04-2008 05:21 PM


The 5 wt handled both the salmonfly nymphs and dries very handily. I also fish it sometimes on the main stem of the Delaware, although there are times I go to a 10' 6wt.

Also, do you remember if wt. 4 you had tested was fine for small flies and moderate winds ( up to 15 mph) ?

It's been 10 years, but it seemed to me that it would. I don't know if he's changed his policies, but every rod I've gotten from Kerry, we've talked about it first on the phone. And in the instance of the 5 wt, he was happy to ship me 2 (maybe 3) rods to try. If he still does that (and you're not in a rush) that might be the best.


salmo 06-05-2008 02:22 PM

I don't know if he's changed his policies

Kerry still does it. I have right now his two wt. 5 mock-ups : 9' and 9'5" , 4pc .
Both are medium-fast rods . 3 pc are more of a moderate action. However Kerry has near 60 taper in wt.5 class and can make the rod ( action, flex) for a specific application.

I like 9'5" wt. 5, 4pc; although it is med-fast action, I can feel near entire blank working during back and forward cast. This blank is mark as a 4/5/6. Personally I consider it as a 5/6. Works beautifully with WF 5 and 6 line. The blank's flex depend on amount of grain/line's length out of the tip and generates quite fast line seed. Interestingly works very well with faster and moderate hand motion.

The rod will be used on typical Alaskan Rainbow ( 18-25") and larger western waters.

Handles trout style small/medium bunny leaches quite well. No problem with 7-8' sink tip up to 35 gr. on line wt.6 ( Rio's Closer line).

If you need a rod for long 12-16' leader for a wary trout when dry fly fishing., he can adjust the flex to accommodate a long trout leader.

Keep in mind that when you talk with Kerry, you are dealing with very experience fly fisher, who was a guide for a long time and happens to be probably the best blank designer in the world.
Last year he sent me a mock-up of his SH rod which was a bit to strong/stiff in the lower 1/2 half of the rod. After a phone conversation 5 weeks later I got the rod I had exactly in my mind !!!!!!!!!!

Kerry can tuned up his double handed and salt water rods as well.

If anyone is interested in a list of Burkheimer's rods, I drop me an PM and can sent a near complete list his rods.

There is an UK site which has almost all rods listed
I can attached the table in form of pdf file with list of rods only.

However to do so I need Juro's OK


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