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dave 05-18-2000 09:07 AM

check this one out
Check out this post that I got off another bulletin board. Some things just p**s me off.

eating stiper
Posted on 05/17/00 at 08:10:46 by david h.

I was wondering if someone knew the best way to cook striped bass.i have a ton of fillets in the freezer but i'm not really sure on the best way to cook them.i really appericate some advise.thanks

ronl 05-18-2000 09:26 AM

RE:check this one out
dave- Some people just don't have a clue, but it takes all types to make the world go 'round.
This brings me to something I've been mulling over- why not make stripers, bluefish, weakfish and maybe fluke artificials only fisheries. This would eliminate the deep hooking experienced with bait plus save the food for these fish from being harvested as bait- generally wasted anyway. What do you think? ronl

juro 05-23-2000 08:36 AM

RE:check this one out
Boy, would a dedicated fly guy like me like such a ruling... unfortunately it would be hard to isolate the use of bait for some species like flounder, scup, tautog - even bluefish from stripers. One could isolate the use of live baitfish (herring, pogies, mackeral) and that would slow down the consumption of these baitfish - particularly by the wasteful practices of some guys who net up a horde of herring at the run and use 6 of them (dumping the other 100 dead ones). It would not preclude the commercial kill for frozen bait -or- the real enemy, purse seiners who use fish like menhaden by the ton for chemical and pet food purposes.

If the use of bait was restricted within certain areas in certain seasons, that would work. This is how things are managed elsewhere in the US.

For instance: The Merrimac River from Newburyport Bridge (1A) to mouth, no bait from May 15 - September 15, single barbless artificials only.

This would have such an incredibly profound effect on the welfare of school bass in the system that I would be willing to bet the impact on Massachusetts striped bass mortality levels would be measurable and significant.

Multiply that with other such restricted regions with seasonal restrictions, and you have yourself a working no-bait policy IMHO. If you want to live-line, go somewhere else. Those who are in the groove with this hot fishery can switch to jigs and sluggos, flies and poppers, etc.

The areas should be chosen with consideration for the impact it will have - for instance, an area that gets mostly local attention with some occasional tourist interest... even the most heinous techniques will have little impact on the population.

The areas that are continually elbow-to-elbow or at least very heavily fished should be targeted for special regulations including exclusion of bait.


Lefty 05-23-2000 09:37 AM

RE:check this one out
Ya I had a weird thought. As a side benefit, the largely unorganized bait guys might get mad enough to form some type of group to defend their god given right to slay schoolies with swallowed chunks. In that process they would have to do at least some type of learning about existing striper stocks and their contribution to mortality. Some education might happen regardless. They simply don't know. Bring on the pamphlets.


PeteSorensen 05-24-2000 06:16 PM

RE:check this one out
You guys can beat up on the "Neanderthal Chunkers" all day but you know what? There are PLENTY of artificial slingers out there with their barbed double or triple treble hook lures that KILL almost every fish they hook in the process of releasing it. I watch them all the time in Plymouth harbor. I fly fish most of the time and I am sure it offers the lowest number of C&R mortalities but we still get them, some more than others.I know bait fishermen who fish big hooks & a tight drag and they rarely gut hook a fish. It goes both ways.

This is an educational issue for ALL fishermen. If the state printed up millions of pamphlets on how to reduce the mortality rate, we still need to get people to respond by reading and practicing it. This is not going to happen in a time when even human life is held in disregard by so many.

Too many of these "idiot" anglers continue their practices because they know that nothing will happen to them. As much as I hate to admit it, I think "law enforcement" is the way to go. They (the state) can even bring on the salt water license to pay for it as far as I am concerned. It's time to get tough on these bozos. I will speak to a violator once in a while but it can be dangerous these days.

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