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RandyJones 06-04-2000 03:22 AM

Chatham, Monomoy Island, Wade, Fly, Flats and stuff
Chatham, Monomoy Island, Wade, Fly, Flats and stuff

Blues everywhere! From Stage Harbor, Tub to SIGHT FISHING the Outside in 1-2 feet water! Ye- Haa! Hitting top water poppers like crazy. Also try white squid. Used very Large flies and they would not leave it alone. The water is really warming up in the tub. Only saw a few schools of stripes come up the outside next to shore. One school was approx. 30 feet by 20 feet big.

Counted approx. 300 (mostly) stripers on Monomoy Island Flats. They were all swimming high and happy. As I moved from colder too warmer water the # of fish sighted increased dramatically. It was slow, otherwise.

Had hi hopes of sight fishing the warm water flats on Monomoy until the clouds became overwhelming.
We hit a couple dozen schoolies and 1 Blue in the Main Monomoy Island channel. Slow fishing due to the slower tides this week and slightly colder water in that area. Top fly was a flat wing clouser, sparse, white and light green, and 4 inch's long. Would have done better blind casting in the Stage, Morris, and South area with warmer water. This was my clients first time out in the Salt so he was real happy (especially after a few Bass Ales at the Squire-ha), I guess I just set my expectations to high.

Played in the Morris Island area and watched birds working heavy, fish swirling and fought the wind. Lots of action with biggest being a 34 incher. Wade, Fly. The action would not of been this good if the holiday boat traffic had been my companion.

Friends have been hitting Stripers and Blues on the outside on the dropping, while site fishing. Seeing more Blues now. BOY! Do they love a big popper splashed has HARD and as FAST as you can. I like using the baseball (grip) retrieve to achieve the most noise and commotion. This retrieve gives you the most bangs for your buck!

Wate temp. Dropped to 52 degrees in the inner Chatham waters. Most of the fish we found were biters and some were not. Good # of birds working. Saw few fish on the colder flats but plenty on the warm water flats when sun was available.

Its Mor'nin, not a sole around, blue-bird sky, light colored sand, incoming tide, cool breeze blow-in', standing in 2-3 feet of crystal clear water. Girls in grass skirts surround me. Ooopps, I mean, fish on the flat surround me. They are here!

All marshes and tidal rivers on the south side of the Cape are on fire. Any fly is working. There is also some super action on the surface during slack tides. Small gurglers are the flies of choice.

Fishing has been productive on the South side, off any jetty, at high tide.

Wish you were here:
Look for fishing to be the best in most areas (but not all) for the next 8-10 days. These are all days with exaggerated tides that tend to bring in fresh fish and cause them to feed aggressively. I would plan my fishing vacation around those days. Expect the fishing to be EXPLOSIVE!

Herring are leaving in large #'s during these same exaggerated tides, so a large Herring pattern should do the trick especially if fishing close to a freshwater outlet on the dropping tide.

Cinder Worm Hatch:
Hope for a worm hatch during these tides. Normally low light, evenings, mud bottomed Marsh's best.
We may? See a worm hatch in the Dennisport-Chatham-Orleans, Brewster area during the next new moon providing the water warms a bit. Worms are hatching further west of here, as the water is warmer.

Bait and Flies:
Found several Bass with micro eels in their throats and terns were picking up the same. No need to match this bait yet, as these fish are still on fire and will hit almost anything with-in reason. I have my best luck with Blues if I imitate large bait, 3-5 inch's tall-5-8 inch's long. That's what they want, so give it to'em. The other major profile of bait that is present is Thin (pencil or less in thickness), 4 inch's long. Adult Sand Lances and Silversides. White on bottom, Olive on top. Or all white, all chartreuse. Throw in a little gold flash as an attractor.

Birds, Bait and Flies:
Normally, if I see seagulls diving, I will put on a medium to wide profile fly. Terns diving, I will always use thin profile. Smaller birds can not pick up the larger stuff.

We should all try to remember that we are stewards of our environment. If it were not for conservative minded people 20 years ago, we would not be enjoying the fruits of there labor today. Please remember that a fish is to valuable a resource to only be caught once (Lee Wolf).


Please be careful with these exaggerated tides! CARRY A COMPASS!

Happy Hookin;

Randy Jones

grego 06-07-2000 09:06 AM

RE:Chatham, Monomoy Island, Wade, Fly, Flats and stuff
Thanks, great tips. Big birds, big flies; small birds, small flies. It makes sense! I assume intermediate lines are the ticket? GregO

RandyJones 06-07-2000 10:12 AM

RE:Chatham, Monomoy Island, Wade, Fly, Flats and stuff

Clear Int. lines w/ long leaders, flourcarbon to 12 lb., small flies (white-Olive,2 1/2---4 inchs long and fast sinking lines in case you end up dredging while blind casting into areas with current or depth.

Best of Luck!


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