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Geordie Shanks 03-17-2008 12:37 PM

Green Drake spinner pattern??
I have been fishing a couple spots the last couple years where I swear the fish are taking Green Drake spinners, even though I've only seen a couple of them in the air. I've been doing some research, and several books stated point blank that Green Drakes mate at night and that Green Drake spinners are of limited to no use to anglers. I understand the logic, but don't totally buy it - the times I've wanted to fish this pattern have been early morning during June/July where I have tried dun and emerger patterns with limited success. I've tied up some of Sylvester Nemes GD spinners last year and tried them, and the heavy floss bodies and hen hackle wings sink them like a stone. I can certainly make up my own pattern, but I wondered if someone out there had some good spinner patterns they like or could recommend. Thanks!!

teflon_jones 03-17-2008 10:32 PM

Hi Geordie. I've also seen Green Drake spinners during the early and late hours, and even a couple of times during the day. Tying the spiner is pretty easy.

Tail: A few moose or elk hair fibers
Body: Brown dubbing - I've used various shades but like a medium brown
Rib (optional): A stripped small hackle feather, tied in tip first at the tail
Wing: Poly yarn, white CDC, or Z-lon
Underwing: peacock herl - wrap a little of this on the hook shank between the hook eye and body, then tie the wing on top of it

I'll admit I'm not the most experienced tier in the world, but this is an easy to tie pattern that even I can do. :)

chromedome 03-18-2008 01:35 AM

Years ago I had a real hot spot for the green drake hatch that's gone now presumably due to pollution. At dusk the spinners would make their mating flights and at a point where it was hard to see they would drop to the water and the big browns would start the feed. There was absolutely no question that they were after the spinners, greedily and in large numbers. I had trouble matching it for a long time till I learned to tie them over sized.
I don't recall anymore what size is best. I would say try tying them on a #8 or #6 hook. Teflon's pattern is probably as good as any tho there are a great number of patterns out there which you can find thru a google search.

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