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juro 06-08-2000 07:41 AM

Campsite Information - Monomoy Clave
We're in AREA #3, site #102 - a pretty group site in Nickerson. Digital photos are being downloaded and will follow shortly...

<font size="1">Editorial - The relationship between state parks and is less than ideal. They have a hard time communicating and customers take the hit. Also, it allows folks to block out sites over the phone and not show. It took an incredible degree of hassle to get this resolved, even after driving down there in person. If you reserve campsites thru them, make sure you call / visit the park officials to get the 'real' story.</font><!--1-->

juro 06-08-2000 09:25 AM

RE:Campsite Information - Monomoy Clave

Roop and I futz'ed around the park until we found the clave site... which is in AREA 3, site # 102.


<!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">CLICK FOR PANORAMIC VIEW</a><!--url-->

<font size="1">This is the view looking around from the center of the site. It is an oblong clearing with a central locale that would be good for awnings, screen tents, tables, etc.

--------------------- proposal for set-up -----------------------

<b>Central area - The eating, coffee, talking and tying area.</b>

Needed: Screen tents / awnings and tables with coolers, cookers, lanterns and trash cans / bags. Dry boxes for non-refrigerated food, paper plates, paper towels, etc. Water, clean-up stuff.

All set - Jim Whalen (2), Juro (1) == plenty

Bring a chair for yourself

Central area covering:
Screen tent the best option, awning next best, tarps third.
Large tarps - Juro (2)
Any awnings or screen tents out there?

Lanterns -
4 listed, all set. One on each end of the clearing and two at the
table, or something like that. That makes it easier to get around
the site, fetch stuff from tents, cars, etc.

Stoves -
4 listed, Gregg is that enough?

Other cooking -
&gt; Gregg - how are we doing on the stuff you need? Did anyone have a
cast iron dutch oven? Let us know.
&gt; ziplock bags, foil, paper towels, utensils

Cleanup -
trash bags, dish soap, sponges / nylon scrubber, water

First Aid -
I will bring a small kit, others are encouraged

Wood -
Roop is bringing some wood, throwing a log or two in the truck
wouldn't hurt

Tent / gear -
Tent, cot, sleeping bag, pillow and all that stuff

Hawkeye 06-08-2000 09:59 AM

RE:Campsite Information - Monomoy Clave
Nice site Juro! Way to go!

I'm glad you brought up the utensil item. People will need to bring their own utensils. I recomend a bowl, plate, fork, spoon, and cup that can handle Mike's killer espresso and our coffee. If you have to choose between a bowl and a plate take the bowl because dinner is chilli. We do have a bag of cheaper paper plates that we will bring as a back-up or as a clean-up time saver for breakfast.

4 is plenty of stoves.

I didn't think about the clean-up part of cooking - no one ever accused me of being a neat freak - so if someone wants to volunteer for those items that would be great. Paper towels, dish soap, scrubber, and trash bags are all needed.

If someone has a cast iron "camping" dutch oven bring it along.

The only munchie volunteer we still need is crackers for the cheeses. Also, don't be shy about brining other stuff to pass around.

JimW 06-08-2000 07:57 PM

RE:Campsite Information - Monomoy Clave
I've got the soap & scrubbers and some paper towels in the camper. also a small mesh drying table. Cleanup supplies are covered.

JimW 06-08-2000 07:57 PM

RE:Campsite Information - Monomoy Clave
I've got the soap & scrubbers and some paper towels in the camper. also a small mesh drying table. Cleanup supplies are covered.

i'm so outta here 06-08-2000 09:08 PM

RE:Campsite Information - Monomoy Clave
I just found a cast iron oven for the cobbler (1.5 quart). It's goin' in the car now.

Who's bringing the striper marinara sauce??

Hawkeye 06-09-2000 05:55 AM

RE:Campsite Information - Monomoy Clave
Excellent on the dutch oven Al. That brings us to the ideal 2 with ours so we can do the striper and cobler. I made the marinara last night so all we need is the final ingredient - Striper!

Pete 06-09-2000 07:02 AM

RE:Campsite Information - Monomoy Clave
Hey Guys,

Don't forget the toilet paper

Have a great trip, I wish you lots of luck and favorable winds.


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