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bbbfish 12-09-2007 02:46 AM

Chile options. . .
I have what appear to be 4 great choices for a last minute trip to Chile that have late availabilities, and I'm seeking a little advice from anyone who's been to any one (or all) of these:

1. El Saltamontes
2. Estancia Del Zorro
3. Cinco Rios
4. Heart Of Patagonia

I'll give you a little background: It's my wife and I fishing, it's the first stop in a sort of late honeymoon, so we're looking for a little pampering on top of the fishing (my wife seems to like fishing a lot more when someone makes lunch and serves a bottle of wine, and I like fishing with my wife, so it seems like a great compromise). I've got to pull the trigger sometime in the next day or so, so any advice in the meantime would be appreciated.

I'm particularly interested in anyone with info on #1, b/c I have the least amount of info on it.

Thanks in advance.

doogue 12-10-2007 07:20 PM

Hi there,

I just came back from a fishing and hiking trip on the Futaleufu in Chile (east of Chaiten).

It was a great trip, although with the time of year we fished lakes more than rivers. We had great action tossing dragonflies and big Adams drys into the weeds. Some of the browns seemed to be as big as my leg.

If you need any info regarding that area then let me know. I might have a good contact for you in Chile.



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