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flyjkol 09-29-2007 01:36 AM

The scum-fly revisited
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As my original scum-fly pattern proved a pain to cast and impossible to hook fish with I recently decided to creat a new better designed pattern for fishing the slop.

Attached are some pictures from my scum-fly testing grounds. Over 90% of my fish there have been within a foot of shore busting through the thickest looking vegetation.
The pattern itself, in my opinion, is the real deal. Its unbelievably weedless, casts fairly well, pushes enough water to draw attention and actually HOOKS FISH. The only drawback is that short stout leaders are a must for fishing this pattern through the thickest stuff. I usually use a 7 ft 12 pound leader to make casting easier. Fish really aren't that lineshy when busting through weeds like this.

fool proof scum-fly
hook- sickle bend worm hook (the weight distribution on these things is great for a keel fly) keel weighted with a little fine wire
head- closed cell foam with foam keel balance with a hook slot (popper style can be rounded to pick up even less weed accumulation)
collar- grizzly hackle
tail- white and yellow marabou
weed guard (just in case)- looped mono zap-a-gapped to the foam balance
eyes for artistic touch

The pictures hopefully explain the construction a little bit...

MNTrout 09-29-2007 12:08 PM

Amother idea I've seen in the midwest is tying a dahlberg diver on an inverted hook.

Hook point up. Then taking some rubber cement or goop working it into the deer hair collar to act as a weedguard around the hook point. Those things work real well in the slop on MN lakes.

If you want I can get some more info on the fly. Chris Hanson a FF guide for warmwater specises in MN came up with them. He has a tying video as well that shows his patterns. But its a pretty simple design a deer hair diver on an upsidedown hook with a toughened up collar.

Hope this helps

teflon_jones 09-29-2007 09:48 PM

Another idea you could try is to tie the fly using a piece of thick wire through the body instead of a hook. Then once the fly is tied, twist the wire through the eye of a hook so the point rides up. Tie a hackle feather around the shaft of the hook before this to aid in it staying up in the water to prevent snags and the hackle will help it rides over things. A big stiff hackle is best. Great fly in really weedy conditions, can be used through milfoil and pads.

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