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striblue 09-25-2007 07:53 AM

Rip Trip Sign up for OCTOBER 7 AND/OR OCTOBER 8
Here is what I posted on the 9/29 sign up thread:

"Just spoke to Keith ....he will not be around for the the fact that he sees the winds really honking from the he is off to Maine. He will post this afternoon with a confirmation that the next Rip Trip can come off on Sunday , October 7 or Monday, October 8...Monday is Columbus day and a holiday. I will start a new thread for sign ups for October 7 and/or 8th....we should shoot for the 7th with the 8th as back up.


Penguin 09-25-2007 11:59 AM

So far the 7 OCTOBERPHEST looks like...

1. striblue
2. Penguin
3. Paxton
4. Polareyez
5. FishHawk
6. sradin
7. CJS60
8. Sean Juan
9. PopnesetBay
10. Guernseybass
11. flydoc
12. n1gdo
13. SteveM
14. DaveP
15. Warren

Paxton 09-25-2007 04:28 PM

either day is fine with me...I'm pretty sure that Garry (Polareze) will be interested as well
Ron (Paxton)

FishHawk 09-25-2007 04:56 PM

I'm in FishHawk. :smokin: for Sunday. Can't do Monday .

bonefishmon 09-25-2007 06:07 PM

Shucks. Casino blues. Holiday weekend are hard to get off. Can't do either so i guess i'll just have to look forward to next year. have fun!


polareyez 09-26-2007 12:22 PM

I'm a go for Sunday, Monday maybe....

Sean Juan 09-26-2007 12:23 PM

I'd be in for Sunday but not for Monday...well unless someone comes up with some scam I can use to provide for my worldly needs...and don't even start with that work hard or get an education stuff.

PopnesetBay 09-27-2007 09:41 AM

Rip Trip Oct 7 or 8
Looks like I have "earned" a 'Fish Trip Pass' so count me in. Will be in Mashpee Oct 5 thru 15 (no computer) so will check with someone via phone Sat nite to see if it is go -no go. My pass is good for either day (I think)! Besides "deep eels and bunker imitations" what should I try to create on the vice? Thanks.
Pete Readel

Paxton 09-27-2007 11:37 AM

Pete...I've tied a few chovie flies (#4) just in case Albies and or that bait is present.
Last time I did the rip trip.....the deep eels worked best as there were millions of bunker present...think that the deep eel "distinguished" itself from the bait present. Was getting blues on the bunker patterns using an intermediate line...switched to a fast sink and deep eel and got all stripers...of course...that was that day :-)

striblue 09-28-2007 07:50 PM

Once again I lost Jim Sim's cell number... so I am asking Jim Here if he is going and who else does he know might also...

striblue 09-28-2007 09:24 PM

OK---Jim Sims is in and he is fishing with Craig (CJS60) tomorrow and will see if he can go as well... with Craig that will make 9.

jimS 09-29-2007 04:48 AM

John, yup, I'm in for either day. Sunday is a mid-morning high, so it will be good timing. One other guy is a tentative, n1gdo (Domino Frank).

Lots of bait this week everywhere, sand eels, peanuts and silversides. The bass are fat/feisty, and the blues are still around; although not in the numbers of last week. Albie action is hit/miss, and the rip should be one of the best late season locations.

n1gdo 09-29-2007 08:22 AM

JimS is correct: n1gdo is in the standby line.....
working on getting the time off... should know in a couple of days... thanks

CSJ60 09-29-2007 06:55 PM

I'm in for Sunday... Monday ???

Guernseybass 09-30-2007 06:57 AM

just got back from Ireland. I'm in for Sunday, Monday I would have to ask work about as its not a holiday for us (but the wife is off...)


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