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Tod D 05-28-2000 10:22 AM

Black's Creek 5/27 p.m.
Fished Black's for the 1st time on incoming tide, 4:30-6 p.m.; usually hit it on outgoing. Five fish - 3rd was a fat 25"; other four 12-16". Hits fairly spread out & no bait was showing.

Had nice conversation w/ fellow ff'er - Mark - as the tide rolled in over the sandbar.

Bob Pink 05-28-2000 06:44 PM

RE:Black's Creek 5/27 p.m.
Tod, Interesting to hear you fishing Black's on the incoming. Did you fish the bar to the Boston side or the bar/beach to the south side? Not a bad idea to avoid some of the crowds that Black's attracts in the spring...

juro 05-30-2000 09:39 PM

RE:Black's Creek 5/27 p.m.
Hey guys - where is Black's Creek and how is it best fished? I haven't been to Wollaston Beach since I was a bar-hopping fool and had friends playing in a band at the Beachcomber (da' COMA). I don't recall a creek along the beach drive... but then I don't reacall a whole lot of anything...

I'd like to be more informed about the Boston striper scene (in fact I'll be in town tomorrow).

MarkDoogue 06-01-2000 10:57 PM

RE:Black's Creek 5/27 p.m.
Hi Juro,

Black's Creek is the drainage point of the pond at the far end of Quincy Shore Drive. Heading from the Boston end, the bay is on your left and the pond will be on your right at the very end of the beach.

There is a sand bar that extends out into the bay from the pond's outflow. On one side the sand bar drops off into a narrow channel that carries the bulk of the outgoing tide. I'd fish it 1-1 1/12 hours after high tide, especially when it corresponds with dawn or dusk.

If you don't have your waders handy you can fish at the small bridge that the creek flows under. The bridge area is more easily fished with spinning gear.

juro 06-02-2000 09:32 AM

RE:Black's Creek 5/27 p.m.
Thanks for the great reply, I seem to recall a pond based on your description. Just another nice urban retreat on the list of places to hit when there's an hour to spare.

Bob Pink had a great idea... Boston Harbor Clave. Take the ferry out to the islands in full flyfishing regalia! How about next one after Monomoy?

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