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Lefty 05-03-2000 08:08 AM

Bass River Fish are in!
Just read a report on Bass River at ground zero. Yesterday "full bellied" stripers caught up to 26". Lots of them.
Weather to be Sunny 60s there!!!

And to think a few days ago...snow, it couldnt' have turned around any better than it did. We deserve it. We work hard, we care for our families, let's have a ball. Clean living.


Roop 05-03-2000 09:53 AM

RE:Bass River Fish are in!
"Clean living"?

Who's going to have time to bathe?

Plus, I think it's gonna be little complicated getting into the shower once I've duct-taped the fly rod to my hand for the weekend.

I'll bring extra tape!


grego 05-03-2000 05:48 PM

RE:Bass River Fish are in!
Yeah Baby!

Break out the shorts & sun screen! I am totally Juiced!

i'm so outta here 05-03-2000 06:45 PM

RE:Bass River Fish are in!
Lightening never strikes twice... oh wait, that's completely wrong. It does strike twice in the same spot because of ionic charge - the very same force that makes stripers feed. Quite facinating.
We are going to fish our Mr. Spock asses off. I'm amped!


Bob Pink 05-03-2000 08:56 PM

RE:Bass River Fish are in!
I'm charging up my ion generator right now Al. Can't wait to make it happen this weekend Y'all! Go Baby! (sorry, that's a different generator....)

juro 05-04-2000 02:22 AM

RE:Bass River Fish are in!
Awesome news! Let's all keep in mind that they move around quick this time of year... strafe one beach one tide and hit the next on the other. I guess there will be a number of coastal attack vehicles available so this will be less of a problem but for those who are shore bound it's something to keep in mind.

Also there are a lot of herring in certain rivers providing a shot at the big stuff even though it's schoolie heaven when you find the pack.

Let's hope for calm winds and seas and waves of stripers!

(I'll be working a full day on Friday and will probably drive down Sat AM e-a-r-l-y)

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