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Leland Miyawaki 07-22-2007 09:56 PM

July Coho
I've made two trips out into the Kitsap Peninsula, Area 9 beaches and have had a terrific time. Last Monday, the opener, using a pink #2 popper, I landed 5, lost 4 at the hand and had many many follows. This morning, in a blustery, rainy dawn, me and three friends landed a total of 5 coho and lost or missed a bunch in the two hours we fished before catching the ferry back to the shop. Todays coho were all unmarked and between 4 and 6 pounds. Man, do I love July coho who are driven to do nothing but eat!


juro 07-24-2007 07:34 PM

Leland -

I'll call about my upcoming business trip. :smokin:

Leland Miyawaki 07-24-2007 10:59 PM

The guys from the shop hit the beach yesterday morning and did well again. One of them put a nine pound blackmouth on the barbie last night!


juro 07-25-2007 09:33 AM

COOL - I am curious... did the king take a Miyawaki popper?

Leland Miyawaki 07-27-2007 04:31 PM

Yep, the pink coho version. I went to another beach yesterday morning and hit on a bunch of coho, landing about 6 of them. They are up to 5-7 pounds now. I also landed three "racehorse" blackmouth that were really hot! I'm seeing if I can use this one fly all season. Too bad you're going to Neah/Sekiu and missing all the close-in action. Must be all that "green grass" over there!


juro 07-29-2007 10:25 PM

Hmmm... Safeco night with my two favorite teams and a inside secret coho hunt with the popper meister sounding awfully good.

Leland Miyawaki 07-30-2007 05:00 PM

They may be in a little closer by then at Lincoln.


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