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PEte A 07-16-2007 07:06 AM

St-Jean flies for end of July
Hello all,

Last night a friend asked me if I wanted to head to the St-Jean around the end of this month... and I couldn't resist. However, I'm kinda lost (totally lost is probably more like it:chuckle: ) on what patterns I should fill my box with as I've only spent time fishing Atlantic in Newfoundland and the Great Lakes. I've done some searches of the site and found some a pile of threads relating to good patterns for the Gaspe area, but still am not sure what patterns might be good bets this time of year. I'd greatly appreciate to hear anyone's thoughts about a few confidence patterns.

Pete Addison

QuebecSporting 07-16-2007 07:16 AM

Hi Pete,

Here are a few patterns to consider:
-Green Highlander
-Black Bear Green Butt
-Roger's Fancy
-Hairy Mary
-Silver Rat
-Rusty Rat
-Green Cosseboom
-Tiger Ghost
-Blue Charm
-Silver Cosseboom

Dry Flies ( a must!)
Brown Bomber
White Bomber
Olive Bomber
Grizzly Bomber


Have a great time!!


Smolt 07-16-2007 10:17 AM


Be sure to tale along the Green Machine, with a green butt and a white tail. I'll bet that fly outfishes every other fly except the Bomber. I have no idea why it is is productive. You could also try the Black Bug, which is a black Buc Bug with an orande tip and green tag, CP creast tail, black body and black palmered hackle.


Gaspe Salmon 07-16-2007 06:35 PM


As the St-Jean is a very clear river, I would suggest using LONG leaders and small leader tippets, say in the 6-8 pound range for your small flies. Two reasons for this, A - the small flies swing better with small leader and B - the water is very clear on that river.

Do not worry about breaking fish off... if you play them right, 6-8 pound test is ample even for a 30 pound fish!

Best of luck to you,

David Bishop

PEte A 07-16-2007 07:38 PM

Anne, CK and David;

Your suggestions are very much appreciated, I will put each of them to good use.


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