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ssully 05-26-2000 09:18 AM

5/26 New Hampshire Striped Bass Hearings
New Hampshire Striped Bass Hearings

NESportsman has been asked to make an announcement to all Striper
anglers in New Hampshire regarding next week's regulation hearing in

It is important that striped bass anglers attend the meeting which
will be on Wednesday May 31st at NHF&G headquarters. The meeting
starts at 7:00pm.

Contact CCA with questions or for directions at 1-603-776-3474.

Here is the note from Bill Hubard, President of CCA - NH asking for
your attendance:


Anyone who cares about our Striped Bass resource should plan to attend
this meeting and let our ASMFC commissioners know your feelings about
how our favorite fish is going to be managed.

NH Commissioners are John I. Nelson, Chief of Marine Fisheries,
Rep.Dennis F. Abbott of Newmarket and G. Ritchie White of Rye.

Don't leave this to someone else.

Get involved. If you don't, you could wake up in 2001 with regulations
you don't want. Present regulations force us to target big bass if we want
to take one home. The result is that age 8year+ fish have been overfished
the past 3 years.

If this continues, we may never again see large 30, 40 or in our
waters in numbers any where near what we had from 1950 - 1979. It's a
fact that many of today's anglers think a big striper is measured in inches
rather than pounds because they have yet to see the big ones.

Go to the meeting and tell the commissioners you want to see Stripers
managed for a quality fishery with reasonable distribution of all ages/sizes.

I hope to see you at the meeting.

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